Before you read on, we must assure you that no, the world has not stopped spinning and is not about to end.

With that being said, we can now safely report that the often-contentious host of “Fox News Sunday,” Chris Wallace, did indeed have some praiseworthy things to say about President Donald Trump following a lengthy interview broadcast in full over the weekend.

At the same time, he offered somewhat of a critique of the president’s presumptive Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, who is mostly missing in action these days because his handlers are keeping the former vice president out of venues where his worsening mental acuity will be exposed.

“The fact is, the president is out there. He’s out there in this broiling heat with me for an hour, he took all the questions. You can like his answers or dislike them, but he had answers and Joe Biden hasn’t faced that kind of scrutiny, hasn’t faced that kind of exposure,” Wallace said in an interview with fellow network host Brett Baier.

“You’ve got to feel at some point he’s going to come out from the basement … he’s gonna have to be more exposed and take questions just as tough as the ones I asked this president,” Wallace said.

“He’s gonna have to do it with a bunch of people and, of course, he’s going to have those three debates with the president, and you know that the president can handle himself in these debates… I think there is an open question there, can Joe Biden do the same?”

Wallace is right in that no matter what you may have thought about President Trump’s answers and overall performance, he did take every question that the correspondent threw at him. No dodging, no whining, no excuses.

The Fox News Sunday host is also correct about the debates: Trump will relish them, no question about it, and while his answers can sometimes be repetitious and seem like they’re rambling a bit, he can quickly think on his feet and will not shy away from telling moderators what he thinks about their questions if need be (to make a point).

Biden can’t do that at this point, and Baier also touched on that in his interview with Wallace, suggesting that Trump may be taking a chance by taking shots at Biden’s mental state, which he did at times during his interview with Wallace.

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