Former Navy SEAL and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was a hero again on Monday night.

Earlier in the evening Eric Greitens appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on FOX News. He then went to dinner with a friend in St. Louis at Vito’s Sicilian Restaurant near St. Louis University.

During their meal they heard several gunshots down the street. They both quickly jumped from their table grabbed their guns and medical kits and ran west down Lindell where they saw two victims laying near the College Church at St. Louis University.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Eric Greitens shortly after the incident tonight.

Eric told Jim Hoft: So we were eating at Vito’s Pizzeria (after his FOX News interview). We’re sitting there and we hear I’d say at least 15 to 25 gunshots go off. Semiautomatic and automatic rifle fire. We grabbed our weapons and med kits, got in my car and drove about two or three blocks west and when we got there there was one guy who was already laying out on the street, multiple gunshot wounds, severe condition. So my buddy who’s a trained licensed…

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