Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

The vitriol and obsessive hatred consuming Democrat leaders and their sycophantic supporters is driving them to pursue policies intended to damage Donald Trump. But the law of unintended consequences reigns supreme and the Dems actually are savaging the African American community. Turns out that under the Democrat calculus, Black Lives really don’t matter.

Covid fear mongering, in tandem with the BLM hysteria, is dramatically changing the landscape of education, from primary to post-graduate. Until March 1st, 2020, attending a class and mingling with other students was the norm in the United States, but that model appears to be going the way of the one room school house that ruled the Great Plains during the 19th Century.

Black children are much more likely than white children to inhabit a home with a single mother who is not a college graduate. Black children are much more likely to inhabit a home without access to the internet or even a computer. And black children are much more likely than their white, asian and latino counterparts to need the food provided at school.

So what is the Democrat solution? Keep the black kids out of school. Blame it on Covid and hope that the blame sticks to Trump. But the kids who are being most damaged by the coordinated effort of Democrat Governors/mayors and Democrat…

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