On Friday night, radical-left Black Lives Matter protesters stormed a residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills, chanting “Eat the rich!” and “Abolish capitalism now!”

The Beverly Hills Police Department released a tweet, saying: “The unlawful assembly in the area of Rexford Dr & Carmelita Ave has ended with arrests being made. Protesters have now left the City.”

Ian Miles Cheong, a Human Events Editor, shared clips of the event to his Twitter account where the crowd could be heard yelling, “Eat the rich1” and “Abolish capitalism now!”

“The Black Lives Matter mob shut down Santa Monica Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and intersections around the city center,” said Cheong. The group of vandals had “seized a privately owned American flag in a residential suburb, shredding it and pulling it down.” In the residential area of Beverly Hills, the group was seen in the video playing “loud music and blocked the streets.”

“The police showed up in full force to arrest members of the Black Lives Matter mob

Source: “EAT THE RICH”: Black Lives Matter Storms Beverly Hills