By: Brian Evans

Leading up to the Tulsa Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the airwaves, television screens, computers, and smart devices across this nation were flooded with warnings by Democrats and Mainstream Media minions who stated that anyone who dares to attend the rally were endangering their own lives, as well as the lives of others! Ironically, even as they preached to and condemned their political adversaries, they praised Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, rioters, and thugs who ravaged the streets, threatened law abiding citizens, and did so in mass numbers! Ironically, many of the radicals who the left was encouraging to come out in mass numbers were either wearing a mask only when being filmed on camera, or covering their face completely, like Antifa, who has masked themselves for years to prevent identification while commiting crimes!

Meanwhile, amidst the flood of mis-information being dished out to the masses, I decided to go to the Tulsa rally and find out the truth behind all the hype! In fact, we headed out early Friday morning on June 19th, and arrived to the already growing line of MAGA Trump supporters that had been lining up, some for more than 5 days! We arrived on Friday morning at 7:30am, and set up my spot in line, which was already about 2 1/2 blocks away from the start of the line!

As it turns out, there was several lines, ours being the longest, and although I don’t know how long the second line was, ours stretched for 6 blocks by Friday evening at dusk, with more than 1000 people! Once we set up our camp in line, we began walking up and down the line of pro-America Trump supporters and visited with each one of them! In doing so, we found each and every one of them to be in great spirits, extremely polite and friendly, and ecstatic to meet with the President. Also, everyone was very polite, even to those who adamantly oppose the President and the Make America Great Again agenda!

Throughout the afternoon, I found it interesting, as mostly young teens, mostly white, who drove by in mostly fancy cars, one in a Denali, another two girls in a Porche, all driving down Boulder Street in Tulsa, playing the song “Practice what you preach”, and “F**k Donald Trump”, over and over, as loud as they could. In addition, they yelled “F**k You Racists” at least 150 times at the Trump supporters lined up, called me and my daughter “F**king White Racist Cracker”…YES THE IRONY IN THAT STATEMENT, and called a young black supporter who had a Trump hat on a “House Nigger”! And that was in just ONE BLOCK! The insults continued throughout the afternoon, as one man jumped out of his car and threatened to beat up “All you crackers”! He threatened one Trump rally-goer who was in his 60s, and he became angry and responded by yelling at the thug. However, the fellow Trump supporters sprang into action, protected the man, called the Police over, and asked the threatening thug to just leave! He refused to leave, at least until the Police intervened and asked him to get back in his car and move on! He became angry at the Police officer for asking him to leave, but finally backed down and left! Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter activists walked around with cameras, and while a group of them would try to get the Trump supporters angry and defensive, their comrades stood by with their smartphones, trying to catch a Trump supporter responding with vile words or violence! Fortunately, none of the Trump rally-goers fell for their hate-driven tricks!

The night didn’t get any more peaceful, as the left-wing Black Lives Matter activists walked up and down the street where rally-goers were camped out, threatening those sitting quietly! They also drove their cars up and down the street, continuing to blare “F**k Donald Trump” over and over, attempting to make it impossible for any of the Trump supporters to sleep! Sadly, even the children who were there with their parents, trying to experience a campaign rally for themselves were targeted by the left-wing radicals! My daughter was even flipped off, with the Black Lives Matter protester saying “Good thing there aren’t any children here”, then yelling “F**k you racist,” and gave her the finger!

Ironically, throughout all of the Black Lives Matter activists vile, racist, and hate-driven statements, the Trump supporters remained peaceful, and even were polite to them! Repeatedly, when the Black Lives Matter protesters yelled “Black Lives Matter”, the Trump supporters replied…”YES THEY DO, JUST AS ALL HUMAN LIVES MATTER!” Never, at any time did any of the Trump supporters reply with hate, never did they use racist comments, and never did they respond in violence! Sadly, that could not be said of the “Black Lives Matter” activists who used profanity that was directed at Trump and all the supporters, yelled racist terms directed at not only white Trump supporters, but black Trump supporters as well!

Also, there was the media, who seemed to take a keen interest in the the rally, from start to finish! As they wandered through the crowd, CNN, NBC, CBS, and other Mainstream Media networks were dressed in plain clothes, with no identifying marks as to what network they were with, as they tried to blend in with the dozens of podcasters and independent reporters who were live streaming and interviewing those in attendance! They were asking the Trump supporters about their concerns over COVID-19, as well as about how Trump was being accused of shamefully scheduling his rally on Junteenth! Then, when I went to watch the clips on the evening news shows, those clips were carefully edited to make the rally-goers seem insensitive to COVID concerns, as well to blacks! However, if they had played the clips in their entirety, the responses were well stated! In fact, several rally-goers stated that the they thought the Presidents rally would be an opportunity to stand in solidarity against what had happened in Tulsa, as well as condemn the massacre that took place! Regardless, the Mainstream Media carefully edited it to smear them!

In addition to Juneteenth, one thing that caught my eye, is that while all the Mainstream Media reporters seemed highly concerned about the spread of COVID amongst the rally-goers, and even condemned them for not wearing masks, the camera crews behind the cameras were many times unmasked, and the reporters who asked the questions put their masks on before filming, and then took them off after the cameras went off! Perhaps they know something that nobody else knows…MAYBE COVID ONLY ATTACKS REPORTERS WHEN A CAMERA IS ON!!!

Finally, as Saturday morning rolled around, the Black Lives Matter protesters were eerily absent, as the rally-goers began to emerge from their slumber! However, it seems that they likely were only preparing for their second and more aggressive wave of their attack! In fact, as the first group of Trump supporters gathered off of Boulder around 7:30am to enter the rally area, the radical leftists placed signs in the windows of a nearby building.

Photo by: ENR

In addition, when all the Mainstream Media lined up to record the rally-goers entering the gated and secure section of the rally, the left-wing activists sent a man, who was plainly not a Trump supporter, to wave a confederate flag, placed on a very long pole, in which he waved it for nearly two hours. He moved around the group, trying to make sure it was filmed on camera. The Trump supporters asked him to leave, but he simply laughed, and said it was a free country!

Photo by: ENR

After entering the gates, all of the rally-goers were led through the maze of fencing, were given a mask, hand sanitizer, stickers, and bracelets, as well as had temperature checks, and bag checks! Once we got to the BOK center entrance, there was another 4 hour wait before the doors opened, but we were treated to bottled water and a Clay Walker concert! Around 2pm, the doors were opened, and everyone began to find their seats! Security let groups in in waves, allowing each group time to get settled! The BOK centers lower level was filled up to capacity by around 6pm, and the top level then began to be filled! By 6:30 the top floor of the center was still only about 30% filled, so we began researching the problem! It was during that time that I realized what Black Lives Matter was up to! In fact, they had begun their assault on the rally, reportedly blocking thousands of Trump supporters from entering the gates for a time! Fortunately, the National Guard and officers moved in and drove the radical left-wing activists out of the way! However, by the time the Trump rally goers were able to get through the gates, the security checks had already closed down!

Photo by: ENR
Photo by: ENR

Ultimately, the Tulsa Fire Marshall reported that 6,200 Trump supporters entered the building, and the authorities reported that 12,000 were screened at the metal detectors, but forced to remain outside.

Then, the thousands more outside the fences were completely denied access, due to Black Lives Matter” activists blocking the gates!

Nobody knows why the screeners reportedly left before screening everyone, but it left thousands with no way into the arena! Some say that it was the Mayor who tried to shut down the venue, and other reports indicate it was concerns over Black Lives Matter activists aggressive behavior! However, after going through the checkpoints myself, there was no way that BLM could have reached the screeners section, which was distanced far away and behind a massive metal wall, which had National Guard troops, Secret Service, Tulsa Police, and snipers, as well as more than a quarter mile in distance to the screeners themselves!

Regardless of the facts, the Mainstream Media and radical left-wing Trump haters used the opportunity to try to claim that Trump didn’t have a good showing, but as always, they are skilled at carefully crafting their venemous and false narrative!

In addition, it turns out that 6.7 million were watching President Trump’s rally online, and that doesn’t include OANN or Newsmax, nor does it include tv viewers!

Finally, after the rally, Black Lives Matter protesters were positioned outside the venue, trying to pick off Trump supporters, threaten them, scream vile racist and hate-driven words at them!

In the end, I learned a lot during my visit to Tulsa, as I found that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists spent their time calling Trump supporters racist, even as they called them “crackers”, “house niggers”, and other hate driven words! They even threatened the Trump supporters with violence, only to be countered with compassion and politeness! Sadly, that isn’t and wasn’t the narrative that the Mainstream Media wanted to get across! Therefore, they used fake information, carefully edited and misconstrued interviews, and deception to try to paint the good as bad, the bad as good, facts as fiction, and fiction as facts. In addition, although they either already knew as to why the attendance numbers inside the area were fewer than expected, they were either intentionally lying, or they were incompetent reporters… Therefore, in the end, it was merely a sad attempt to try and smear President Trump and his supporters, in their effort to try to meddle and interfere in the 2020 Presidential election!