One of the trite pearls of wisdom repeated ad nauseam for the past several days is that America needs to have an honest conversation on race.� It’s a constant theme repeated in the self-flagellating virtue signaling spewing forth from prom.

Of course, the media manipulators and leftists have no interest in an honest conversation. The only thoughts allowed in their version are mostly false ones that have been approved by leftists for the purpose of inciting racial hatred and overthrowing America.

Anyone willing to throw around words and ideas marked with the liberal stamp of approval like white supremacy, white privilege, microaggressions, or systemic racism will be rewarded mightily with the bonus that these towering giants of moral cowardice also get to humbly brag about their bravery in speaking truth to power. Bonus points if they take an actual knee in abject surrender.

It takes no courage to adopt these positions. True courage is displayed by those willing to publicly buck this toxic stew, especially for black Americans like Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, and Shelby Steele who show more courage on any given day than many people show during their lifetimes.

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