The other day I had someone ask my why I think Antifa has been targeting cities who predominantly support their pro-Marxist agenda! It was a question that I have spent hours researching, and the results were eye-opening to say the least! Furthermore, it is a valid question, as evidence has been shown that the Marxist left-wing organization has been planning rallies, which turn into riots, looting, assault, and even murder, in at least 20 cities across the United States, just this past Saturday alone, in their war on our nation’s Constitutional Republic!

Today, they see President Donald Trump as as an obstacle who must be driven from power, so they can truly target their real ememy…’WE THE PEOPLE’ of the United States of America! After all, as long as President Trump remains in office, the power of this nation continues to rest with the American voters, instead of the oppressive state!

So, why do they target their own voters? Why do they target minority communities? First of all, they target those who they think can be influenced to believe that they should blame Trump for not defending them, even though under the Constitution, it is the responsibility of the mayors and the governors, NOT THE PRESIDENT! In fact, the President can only intervene, in a governor requests his assistance, or if he uses the “Insurrection Act of 1807”, if the governors and mayors refuse to protect the life, liberty, or property of the citizens of that state!

In addition, another major reason for the radical leftists targeting of cities and not rural communities is in the cities, most of the citizens are unarmed, compared to the citizens of rural communities! In other words, if they target businesses and homes in a major city like Los Angeles, they will be able to go up against unarmed and defenseless citizens! However, if they burst into a home or business in rural states, or the fly-over states as some leftists call them, the radical criminals will likely end up with a bullet hole in their chest!

Ultimately, it goes to show just how dangerous the democrats left-wing policies are for Americans, especially for the most vulnerable and poor in our nation, as well as, when push comes to shove, the radicals on the left are afraid of an armed citizenry, which is why they are adamantly ending the 2nd Amendment! After all, imagine the streets of our nation, as Antifa and other radical, hate-driven psychopaths rule the streets!