Crosspost Author: John Nolte

A police car burns, left rear, after being set on fire in Boston, Sunday, May 31, 2020, following a march and gathering to protest the death of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
AP Photo/Steven Senne

How’s the Second Amendment looking now, pal — with your city on fire and the Democrat politicians you voted for refusing to do anything about it?

So let me see if I understand your pious way of looking at the world.

You own us MAGAtards by continuing to vote for the same Democrats who have overseen decades of  destruction of pretty much every major American city. Granted, it didn’t take De Blasio decades… Just a few years, but you get my drift.

You own Fox News by continuing to support far-left media outlets like CNNLOL that encourage the very riots and Antifa terrorists that are right now burning your neighborhood.

You own the police by supporting the Antifa and Black Lives Matter marauders who are right now burning and looting your neighborhood.

You own the NRA by refusing to own any kind of firearm.

Do I have that right?

Did I check off all the ways in which you are owning  your political enemies? Did I miss any of your awesome ownage? Did I click all the boxes of all self-righteous posturing in that Ownage-o-rama of yours?

Well, look at you now…

You’ve spent five nights huddled in your apartment praying to Gaia that the terrorists you support (to own the Orange Bad Man, natch) don’t come-a-knockin’ because you got nothing to stop them — other than a nine-iron, which is awfully difficult to swing in that $2800 a month crackerbox you call an apartment.

Hey, you got exactly what you voted for, and you voted to be utterly defenseless as you cower in your apartment while the Democrats you vote for allow left-wing terrorists you champion to destroy your city, loot local businesses, and assault your neighbors.

Seriously, what did you think was going to happen as 1) your Democrats championed Antifa, while at the same time 2) your Democrats used a plague as an excuse to release violent criminals, while 3) your Democrats manipulated your bigotry towards Rural America to convince you to disarm yourself?

Your neighborhood is now filled with criminals, the Democrats you voted for hoodwinked you into not buying a firearm, and you’re surrounded by marauders with no way to protect yourself.

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