Red-state Governors ‘all in’ with privacy-stealing contact-tracing scheme dreamed up by far-left technocrats

Is your governor ramping up plans to recruit, train and unleash an “army” of government workers to intrude upon citizens’ medical, professional and personal privacy?

I’m talking about the contact tracers that many states are in the process of deploying, along with Orwellian phone-tracking apps that have been developed by Apple and Google. Freedom to move about in society will depend on the results of a COVID-19 test that has a reputation for spitting out false positives — up to 80 percent false positives in people without symptoms.

Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative have been pushing the contact-tracing scheme with support from George Soros and Bill Gates. Clinton was caught on video lobbying Democrat governors, including Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California — see YouTube post from April 29.

But contact-tracing did not originate with Clinton, nor is this intrusive government program the sole domain of liberal blue states.

Governors Brian Kemp in Georgia, Henry McMaster in South Carolina, Mike Parson in Missouri, Mike DeWine in Ohio and Larry Hogan in Maryland are among the many GOP governors ramping up their own contact-tracing armies.

Maryland “has built a robust contact-tracing operation and massively expanded Maryland’s disease investigation capacity,” Hogan told CBS 13 in Baltimore. “This will be a partnership across all 24 jurisdictions, and an all-hands-on-deck effort to ensure health officials on the ground can trace and isolate the virus.”

So, who, besides Clinton, is influencing the governors on this matter?

Chances are your governor is getting at least some of his advice from the National Governor’s Association, which is promoting the controversial plan to test as many Americans as possible and trace all of the personal contacts of those exposed to the virus.

Those testing positive will be ordered back into lockdown either at home or, in certain cases, ordering them out of their homes to be placed in “isolation centers.”

But the source of this blatantly unconstitutional program is not the Clintons, nor the Governor’s Association. It can be traced to a player that has been intimately involved in almost every aspect of COVID hysteria from the very beginning, even before the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

That source…

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