What do you suppose is more likely: A computer glitch or nefarious state employee changing thousands of voters’ party affiliation?  Or did 2000+ Oregon voters chang their voter registration while drunk and then they all forgot they had switched parties?

This is all part of the ballot scandal brewing in Oregon that we’ve been reporting on.

Oregon Secretary Of State Bev Clarno

According to Oregon Secretary Of State Bev Clarno’s office, the latter is what happened. Rather than address the concerns of the 2,182 (as of this writing) people in the My Party Was Changed Oregon group on Facebook, Clarno’s office continue to blame the voters.

Check out Clarno’s “elections compliance specialist” Molly Swenson’s Facebook post, mocking the affected voters by alleging they are all just drunks (click to enlarge):

Note Swenson’s previous jobs. She went from working in fast food to being an “elections compliance specialist.” Swenson is also a devout leftist:

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