D.C. federal Judge Emmett Sullivan has hired Beth Wilkinson, a high-powered attorney from the D.C. establishment, to represent him in the Court of Appeals case seeking a writ of mandamus filed by Sidney Powell, the attorney for former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Gen Michael Flynn (Army Ret.). Powell is seeking to have the appeals court block Sullivan’s efforts to prolong the Flynn case in the face of a motion by the Justice Department to dismiss the with prejudice and to have Sullivan removed form the case. In a stunning move, Sullivan had previously announced the appointment of former federal judge John Gleeson to act as an amicus opposed to the DOJ’s dismissal of the Flynn case–in a sense appointing his own prosecutor to continue the case.

Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and was awaiting sentencing but has since changed attorneys and moved to withdraw his plea with the new hire Powell exposing government efforts to set-up and entrap Flynn, cover-up evidence exonerating Flynn and threaten Flynn’s son with malicious prosecution. The DOJ recently moved to dismiss the case with prejudice after the revelations of massive misconduct were exposed.

Source: Judge Emmett Sullivan Hires High-Powered DC Attorney to Fight Flynn Mandamus Case in Appeals Court