Whether or not it’ll make any difference at election time remains to be seen, but voters in deep blue California are getting a first-hand look at the authoritarianism of the Democrats they keep putting in power, thanks to coronavirus.

Fox News reports that the Stalinists who run Los Angeles — where Mayor Eric Garcetti just extended his militant lockdown order until the end of August for no legitimate health reason — are threatening to turn off water service and power to ‘nonessential businesses’ that refuse to remain closed.

“We won’t tolerate the selfish behavior of a few who unnecessarily put our community at risk,” Garcetti said in a press release on his website.

“Let me be clear: it is unacceptable for non-essential businesses to continue their operations as normal. I announced the Safer at Home Business Ambassadors Program to help ensure businesses comply with our emergency order to keep our communities safe,” he noted on Twitter in March.

Let us be clear: We don’t live in Soviet Russia or Communist China, mayor. And our country wasn’t built to be shut down.

Fox News adds:

The order requires LA residents to stay at home except for in a number of situations, including to get food, health or medical necessities — as well as to care for children or adult relatives, friends and people with disabilities, according to the mayor’s office.

Nonessential businesses include bars, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, salons and gyms.

Do you know any owner who seriously believes his or her business isn’t ‘essential?’ Because we don’t.

While Garcetti complained that these business owners who dare to defy him are “irresponsible and selfish,” the fact is he’s the selfish and irresponsible one.

The coronavirus infection and death rates in California are negligible when compared to the state’s population of nearly 40 million people. And they are certainly nowhere near enough to justify another 90-day shutdown.

That includes Los Angeles County.

“Los Angeles County has seen at least 13 deaths and 799 cases of coronavirus, health authorities there said Wednesday. That’s out of at least 2,660 cases and 58 deaths reported across California,” Fox News reported Friday.

At this point it is absurd to continue lockdowns. A growing number of experts — not functionaries like Dr. Anthony Fauci who have been running a federal health agency for 30 years, but real, live experts doing field research — say continuing lockdowns is foolish and unproductive.

They say doing so robs us of the herd immunity we

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