GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz warned on Monday that Chinese-made drones manufactured by Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) are not only undermining U.S. national security but are also threatening Americans’ civil liberties.

All told, it’s a huge “Trojan horse” operation to spy on our country.

“China is massively expanding a Trojan horse spying operation in our country, and your local police department may be unknowingly helping them,” he said in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The Florida lawmaker said that the drones have been banned for use by the U.S. Army and Department of Interior because they are suspected of being utilized by the Chinese government to gather intelligence inside the U.S.

“The Department of Homeland Security wrote a scathing report that said that China specifically goes after local law enforcement,” Gaetz said.

“They did so even before the coronavirus so that they could get key information and transmit it to the Chinese government, and then our own Department of Homeland Security wrote that this is precisely the type of information we’re worried that China might sell to terrorists.”

Gaetz noted that DJI cut its drone prices by 70 percent in a bid to capture the international market as more of the aerial devices are being utilized to ‘monitor’ personal behavior during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

DJI drones are being used by some cities in the U.S. — mostly those run by Democrats — to enforce social distancing requirements. Gaetz says China is utilizing the drones as well, to spy on American law enforcement.

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