An invasive hornet species slaughters honeybees, can be deadly to humans and – unfortunately – has been spotted in the United States.

A small number of Asian giant hornet sightings in the Pacific Northwest has raised alarm after a nickname for the predators started trending Saturday on Twitter: “Murder Hornet.” While experts have been tracking the invasive species in the U.S. for months, a New York Times feature published Saturday brought thnickname to the national consciousness.

It’s a fittingly upsetting nickname, based on a lengthy March presentation from Washington State Department of Agriculture entomologist Chris Looney. It opened with a slide listing other ominous titles for the the largest hornet in the world: “yak killer hornet” and “giant sparrow bee” among them.

This spring, the Washington State Department of Agriculture started hunting for Asian giant hornets after two confirmed sightings of the predator.

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