It was General George Washington who said, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

It’s time for America’s business owners to fight back versus a tyrannical government. Some might call that a revolution. But in this case, I’m talking about a war fought in the courts. I’m talking about a legal battle. It’s time for lawsuits. Lots of them.

It’s time to defend our civil rights. It’s time to defend our property rights. It’s time to make tyrant Governors understand this isn’t a dictatorship. And we’re not your serfs.

First, an important question about Coronavirus. I am impressed with how smart Covid19 virus is. It appears to be the smartest virus of all-time. It doesn’t infect us at Costco, Walmart, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, hardware stores, or any big business deemed “essential” by government.

But, it will infect us at churches, hair salons, nail salons, restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and any other small business deemed “non-essential” by government.

Is this virus that smart? How does virus know the difference?

And have Costco employees found “the holy grail?” They’re immune from being around crowds of shoppers, while Coronavirus is kryptonite to all other employees and shoppers, at all other businesses? Why can’t every small business open up, if they follow the exact same guidelines as Costco?

Something is wrong folks. None of this makes sense. Does it?

This can’t be just about a virus. Because if it was, we’d all play by the same rules, right? It sure seems someone is using a real deadly pandemic, as an excuse to inflict terrible damage and financial death upon 30 million small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent contractors in America (not to mention their employees).

And it just so happens that big chains of stores, big chains of restaurants and billion-dollar businesses (including the LA Lakers and giant hotel chains) qualify for “small business” emergency loans, while 99% of the mom and pop business owners that I personally know, either haven’t gotten a dime, or have been rejected for SBA loans, or have gotten a measly $1,000. Don’t spend it all at once.

As long as I’m telling you about things that make no sense, is it possible in our United States of America, that government can tell a small business owner he or she has no rights; can’t open for business; it’s not your right to feed your family; and we’re going to force you to lose everything you’ve worked your whole life to build.

Is that possible?

Even if you comply with the exact same guidelines of big business and big box retailers like Costco? They can remain open, but you can’t?

And if you try to open your business, we’ll arrest you. Because a business owner making decisions about their own property is now a criminal. Really?

But at the same time, that same government that persecutes business owners, runs a scam called “Sanctuary cities.” That same government allows illegal aliens (ie realcriminals) to walk free; protects them; actually takes taxpayer money from you and me, and gives them welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, free healthcare, free education, and tax refunds from the IRS, even though they pay no taxes.

Is that possible?

And of course, this same government…

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