By: Brian Evans

On Saturday, the Justice Department announced that it was actively warning both state and local officials that the Attorney General is closely monitoring government regulation of Christians and religious services, as it would be in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America!

The Gateway Pundit revealed that the Justice Department spox Kerri Kupec stated that Americans can expect action by the Department of Justice on the matter next week! He stated…

The Gateway Pundit reported…

The First Amendment is under siege right now and Christians across the US are being heavily persecuted by crazed government officials who imposed Draconian ‘social distancing’ orders.

Attorney General Bill Barr, screen image

They added that…

Christians are being threatened with imprisonment and or fines for attending Easter services — even if they are sitting in their cars with the windows rolled up!

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer tried to ban drive-in church services, but a judge issued a restraining order on behalf of On Fire Christian Church.

Parishioners who attended a drive-in service at Temple Baptist Church in Mississippi were fined $500 each by police.

20 police cars swarmed King James Bible Baptist Church in Mississippi and pastor Charles Hamilton Jr., was told by a cop that his rights were suspended.

The state of Kentucky is also cracking down on Easter weekend worshippers by recording the license plates of people who attend services and forcing them to “self-quarantine” for two weeks afterwards.

The action is to discourage people from attending services.

In a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul slammed the governor’s plan.

“Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here,” Senator Paul said.

Already, Democrats across the nation have taken the COVID-19 pandemic’s draconian measures and expounded on them to control what private companies like Home Depot can sell, and what they cannot! They have used the crisis to ban grocery stores from being able to sell seeds to Americans, which makes no sense at all, as well as, has no legality under the Constitution! You have Americans getting fined $500 for sitting in their cars and watching church services in their cars like a drive-in movie, even though they are following social distancing policies! The list could go on and on, as left-wing mayors, governors, and officers, all use the COVID-19 Coronavirus as a means to strip Americans of their rights and freedoms that are granted under the Constitution!

Now, as a result of the radical left-wing’s attempt to circumvent the United States Constitution through the use of a crisis, it has led to President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr to have to step in, and issue a dire warning to those who dare attack the Constitutional rights of American citizens!