By: Brian Evans

Reports are beginning to emerge across the nation of hospital staff being laid off, furloughed, or had their hours drastically cut, due to the lack of business due to the nationwide shutdown of all non-essential businesses and services! After all, that includes elective surgeries and procedures!

USA Today reported

Thousands of US medical workers furloughed, laid off as routine patient visits drop during coronavirus pandemic.

They wrote…

Dotty Orr took time off from her job as a receptionist for a primary care physician in Akron, Ohio, to get her knee replaced March 4.

Thursday, she found out she’s not going back.

Orr, 64, worked for Dr. Pennie Marchetti for eight years. Marchetti laid off Orr and a part-time nurse as patient visits dropped nearly 80% during the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Marchetti said she hopes to bring her staff back when her workload picks back up, but no one knows when that will be.

“I feel guilty not being at work,” said Orr, who faces an $8,000 bill for her surgery.

Terry Evans of Patterson Dental Supply unloads boxes of personal protective equipment to be donated to the Polk County Health Department on March 31 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Orr joins thousands of health care workers across the nation who have been laid off, furloughed or are working reduced hours as their services are deemed nonessential and patients skip routine visits during an outbreak of COVID-19 cases, based on reporting from advocacy groups and from news stories from across the nation. 

Left-wing groups who continue to push for a continuance of the nationwide shut-down that is destroying the American economy, American businesses, and American jobs, but they claim that it is merely a side-effect of the overall medical condition, as they cancel elective surgeries! However, is that true, or is that side-stepping the actual underlying problem? Sadly, despite what pro-shutdown leftists want Americans to believe, the latter is the factual response, as it takes into account the entire systemic problem, rather than pointing to one over-simplified causation!

In fact, originally the dire predictions and warnings circulated throughout the Mainstream Media, making it sound as if the end was near, and the apocalypse was upon the world! They posted pictures and ran video footage of the most shocking footage of doctors and nurses sleeping under patient carts and on the floor, claiming that the coronavirus was exhausting all resources and personnel! It sent shockwaves throughout the world, leading people in nations around the globe to hoard supplies, strip shopping market shelves of all their supplies, and forced world leaders like President Trump into the isolation of their offices! It left world leaders into relying on governors, mayors, and countless others to tell them the conditions on the ground in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Paris, and other cities and towns around the globe, and many of those reports were politically motivated!

Meanwhile, MSN reported

The workers range from dentists and general surgeons to medical assistants and nurses, from allergists and dermatologists to primary care physicians and pediatricians.

By June, an estimated 60,000 family practices will close or significantly scale back, and 800,000 of their employees will be laid off, furloughed or have their hours reduced as they see a decline in business during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a HealthLandscape and American Academy of Family Physicians report released Thursday. That represents 43% of the nearly 1.9 million people employed at family medicine offices, including receptionists, medical assistants, nurses, physicians, billing staff and janitors. 

The figure doesn’t include reductions at hospitals and specialty clinics that also feel the pinch.

Therefore, as the nation’s industries, corporations, and small businesses shutter their doors, leaving millions without income, even the medical industry is being hit hard, leaving our healthcare workers desperate for hours and income!

Now, as it becomes evident that the United States, and world for that matter, have either already hit the peak, or are nearing the peak over the next 7 days, combined with the fact that the United States has only had approximately 15,000 deaths, compared to the 45,000 deaths caused by the common flu since October of 2019!

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.55.15 PM

Ultimately, using fear, the left-wing socialists have single-handedly erased three years of economic growth in America, leading America into one of the most massive unemployment era’s of all time, using fear as a motivating factor! Sadly, they were successful! Furthermore, even though every life is precious, the well-being of our nation’s economy is critical in preserving the prosperity, well-being, and future of not only our generation but for future generations to come!