By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, as the President talks about beginning to restart the economy by the first part of May, new projection models for cases and deaths are being further revised downward!

It is no wonder because the reported cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus continue to fail to reach new peaks, as can be seen below…

Check out this chart from Worldometers:


Trending Politics wrote

The positive trend we spoke about yesterday is continuing, as the United States has now gone three straight days without hitting a new high in Coronavirus cases.

Yesterday, our country registered 33,331 new cases, which for the 3rd day in a row was below Saturday’s high of 34,196.

Here’s why that’s great news:

While cases may rise from one day to another, this new case rate means that the virus is likely slowing at a considerable rate.

On top of the slowing new case rate, projected deaths have now fallen once again according to the White House models.

They noted how as a result, the IHME cut their projected death models by another 20,000…

In all, it shows that President Trump is right, as he readies his Administration to begin reopening the United States economy by setting up a ‘Coronavirus Economic Task Force’, who will be tasked with opening up the United States economy in such a way that it re-locates Chinese based businesses from China to the United States, rockets our economy upward, re-employing the nation, and re-enriching our citizens and their businesses!

Then, it is time to investigate the corrupt Marxist regime in China who started this mess, and that resulted in tens of thousands dead around the globe! After all, if anyone should be investigated and likely prosecuted for crimes against humanity, IT IS CHINA, if not for starting the COVID-19 Coronavirus in a lab, then at least for covering up the truth regarding COVID-19, which led to one of the biggest global economic disasters, as well as led to the massive death toll globally, which could have been mitigated early on!