Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus slammed Democrats this week for spending months trying to impeach President Donald Trump when Congress could have been taking early steps to address the coronavirus before it spread across America.

During an interview Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Marcus slammed hysterics on the left side of the political aisle.

He said Democrats should’ve been investigating the outbreak in China, and even blasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adan Schiff for supporting a House Select Committee to investigate Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

“I think that look this president has been hit with something that no president has ever had to deal with. I just resent the people that are going after him now. They are already talking about another impeachment. I hate to tell you that, that Adam Schiff is already investigating this,” Bernie said.

Bartiromo: “You are hitting on something that is really important because, for three years, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were looking for ghosts of Russia collusion. In doing so in terms of getting the country all crazy over the potential of collusion between the president and the Russians, they completely missed the bigger, much more dangerous actor, and that is China.”

“China has been eating our lunch. We’ve got all this stuff produced in China that we need right now, including our active ingredients from prescription drugs. So now they want to do another investigative process of this president and yet throughout the Ukraine impeachment trial as well as the Russian collusion for three years all that time they missed so much that actually impacted Americans.”

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