Downing Street gave an update on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s health on Tuesday after he was taken to the intensive care unit due to COVID-19.

Johnson is still in the ICU however his condition is “stable” and he is not on a ventilator nor does he have pneumonia.

“Boris Johnson has had oxygen support but is not on a ventilator, No 10 has insisted, after he spent the night fighting coronavirus in intensive care,” The Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

“At a Downing Street briefing this morning, the Prime Minister’s spokesman rejected rumours that Mr Johnson has been put on a ventilator and said he has ‘not required any other mechanical intervention or non-invasive medical support,’” the outlet also noted. “He said Mr Johnson was stable and ‘in good spirits.”

Piers Morgan also reported on the situation on Twitter: “No10 says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been ‘stable’ overnight & remains ‘in good spirits.’ He’s still in intensive care & receiving ‘standard oxygen treatment’ but is not on a ventilator & does not have pneumonia.”

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