It’s seemingly become routine for CNN to test the boundary of journalistic ethics and have Prime Time host Chris Cuomo interview his older brother, the Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo on his show. During Monday’s appearance, Chris (broadcasting from his basement) proved why he was the “Fredo” of the family when he tried and ultimately failed to egg Andrew into bashing President Trump and commit to, at least, be open to running for president “at some point.”

Early in the interview, Chris wanted to stoke harsh feeling between the two executive leaders and zeroed in on Trump suggesting some personal protection equipment (PPE) was “going out the backdoor” of hospitals:

CHRIS CUOMO: Now you said, “I don’t know what he means.” You know what he means. He’s saying that somebody is stealing this PPE stuff, or that something is being done with it that is wrong which is the implication is, “I’m doing the right thing. I’m getting them the right things in New York. I don’t know what they’re doing with them.” That’s the implication. What’s your response?

“My response is, first of all, if I say I don’t know what he means, you can’t tell me that, yes, I do know what he means,” the Governor scolded his little brother’s assertions.

Eventually, Andrew got around to saying that what Chris was suggesting was only what he “thought [Trump] meant.” “If you are right by what you thought he meant when he said ‘out the back door,’ as if it is being stolen or misused, if that’s what he meant, then he should say that, ask for an investigation, and that’s how you handle that. If that’s what he meant, which is what you think he meant,” Andrew told his brother.

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