By: Brian Evans

On Thursday, after Italy revealed that they had hit their peak, they announced that their confirmed cases and death rate are now on the downward move!

In fact, Worldometers stats show that downward trend, as they hit their plateau already, and are trending downwards in both cases of the virus, and in deaths as a result of the virus…

Meanwhile, the United States ramped up its Covid-19 Coronavirus testing above that of all other nations, showing America has more cases than China or Italy reported! However, what it also revealed was that the American mortality rate was that of the common flu, maybe even lower!

The Gateway Pundit reported how despite the Mainstream Media reports about the lack of testing in the United States, in reality, no other nation has tested more people than in the States! In addition due to the testing, it also revealed that although the United States has surpassed both Italy and China as of Thursday afternoon in mere numbers of confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the nation stands at around 1,000 deaths, making it a mortality rate of 1.4%, which as the GP pointed out, is MUCH LOWER than the media’s hype of 3.4%!