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KILLING CALIFORNIA Part 2: Over 400 San Francisco Restaurants Closed in 2019. Liberal Solution? Fine Empty Storefronts With a $1000/Linear Foot “Vacancy Tax”

By: Brian Evans

Already, Californian cities like San Francisco continue to become overrun with a crisis of drugs, gangs, violence, and homelessness, State and local authorities seem to have become numb to the crisis that has reached monumental proportions!

In the past few years, the Democrats failing Socialist policies that have turned one of the most beautiful American States into a blight on the nation. In fact, their policies that were supposed to show the compassion of the left towards the homeless, criminal elements, drug abusers, and the mentally ill! However, the left’s policies of compassion have led to some of the most massive and incompassionate outcomes in the history of California, coupled with one of the greatest deficits in California history!

Via: Fox News

It is ironic, as San Francisco is a city with a record number of billionaires, who subscribe to a Marxist ideology that is designed to preserve their own wealth and power while stifling the hopes and dreams of the rest of mankind! As a result of their Marxist and Socialist policies, their streets are riddled with homeless, as their people lose their homes, and are cast into their streets! Their left-wing ideological agenda has created a growing class of drug users, as they hand out State-issued needles, which they claim will help stop the spread of disease! Meanwhile, it has magnified the sheer number of drug users, and consequently, the diseases have become widespread! Also, it has left thousands of people no other option, but to eat from garbage cans, and to urinate and defecate on the streets! Now, as a result of an exploding homeless population, a massive number of drug users, and the mere numbers residing on the streets, California cities like San Francisco are becoming covered in feces, which has led the city to spend millions on cleanup efforts like needle pickup patrols, and poop patrols! The poop patrol’s job is to pick up poop on the city streets, and pays nearly $200,000 per year, just for cleaning up the poop!

However, the sheer mass of poop on the streets of cities like Las Vegas, Seattle, and San Francisco have led to rats, and when we say rats, we say LOTS OF RATS! Unfortunately for the residents of California, rats carry fleas, and fleas carry disease! As a result, the bubonic plague, typhus, and a number of other Middle Age diseases have plagued a once beautiful land! Now, even the tourism industry has been devastated by their left-wing policies!

Now, even as California governor and city mayors have tried to remedy the situation by implementing even more severe Socialist so-called solutions, it has further led to even greater problems! In fact, in Nancy Pelosi’s district, which is the heart of the Socialist delusion, they proposed building a homeless center near the city’s waterfront. However, the wealthy Elitists like Nancy Pelosi are not having it, as they have heckled the San Francisco Mayor Landon Breed, as they refuse to allow the poor, the needy, the helpless, whom they have cast down, dare be allowed to reside any closer to their back door! Fox News even reported that the wealthy billionaires have created online fundraisers! Mayor Breed responded to the opponents by stating…

“Homelessness is the number one problem that we face in our city. You cannot be upset about homelessness and then when I propose a real solution, then you’re upset about it.”

Over the past few years, Democrats have embraced, more and more, a notion of what they call ‘democratic socialism’, as they claim it is a new type of Socialism, that benefits the people! Bernie Sanders and so-called Democratic Socialists define it as…

“When The 99% Stand Up Against the 1%”

However, does it really represent the 99%? In truth, NO! In fact, the very idea of ‘Democratic Socialism’ is a fiction, an oxymoron, and a mythological idea! In fact, any kind of Socialism, as defined by proponents and opponents, as the absence of private property. Therefore, it results at the end of individuals and corporations owning, improving, and exchanging resources, goods, and services. The elimination of private property is a central feature of socialism.

Meanwhile, no matter how you serve it up, how you dress it, or how you glorify Socialism, other nations have repeatedly tried the same Socialist slop that Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democrats are trying to shove down the throats of the American people, regardless of Socialist nations being unable to maintain their struggling countries, and many have failed altogether throughout history!

Now, throughout pockets of America, there are states and cities who have become completely controlled by so-called Democratic Socialists, as they pleaded with their voters to put them into office, and they would show ‘compassion’ towards the poor, the homeless, the criminals, and the drug afflicted! As a result, cities like Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Portland, and even entire states like California have become wholly or predominantly controlled by pro-socialist Democrats! Now, as a result of the voters giving them power, they have decimated businesses, corporations, and entire industries, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity! That has resulted in a restriction of the citizen’s available choices and decisions, and a loss of the individual’s political power over the government! Also, it has resulted in massive economic contractions, as businesses, corporations, and industries leave Democrat-controlled areas! Now, as a result of Marxist based legislation, it has led to massive job losses, home foreclosures, skyrocketing mortgages, and economic instability! That has led to homelessness, skyrocketing drug abuse, mental issues, and so much more!

Now, if California’s homelessness, drug abuse, and other rampant third-world problems are not enough, they have tried to figure out how to solve yet another problem, and that is that as they drive hundreds of stores out of business.

Now, in 2019, more than 400 San Francisco storefronts had to shut their doors, due to being unable to pay the radically outlandish California and San Francisco taxes! The Democrat-controlled city has driven the businesses out of San Francisco, and they have been charging storefronts a $400 vacancy tax on the landlords. As a result, it is cheaper for landlords to leave the storefront empty because new small businesses won’t be able to pay the massive tax burden that the city and state place on them!

Ironically, the San Francisco Democrats have decided that rather than lowering taxes, they are now proposing new additional penalties on storefronts if they remain vacant, raising their vacancy tax to possibly more than $1000 per year each, per linear foot!

The San Francisco Examiner reports that fines may rise as high as $1000 per linear foot, if this proposal is adopted. They wrote…

The proposal imposes a tax of $1,000 per linear feet of street frontage if it remains vacant for more than 182 days in a given tax year. The tax was amended Wednesday to start the tax at $250 per linear foot in 2021, $500 in the second year and $1,000 in the third year and beyond. The average storefront is estimated at about 25 linear feet.

The City Controller’s chief economist Ted Egan had estimated the unamended proposal would generate between $300,000 and $5 million annually.

The tax revenues would flow into a so-called Small Business Assistance Fund to “assist the maintenance and operation of small business,” such as to help businesses impacted by public construction projects, offset costs of seismic upgrade work and help with lease negotiations.

In the end, California Democrats have already screwed things up so much, many say that surely they couldn’t screw it up worse, but the Democrats always seem to be overachievers in the area of greed and a lust for power! Now, their evil leadership is going to work on destroying any remnants of private sector profitability, as they work to turn California into the next Venezuela!

Now, in cities across the nation, what started out as an alleged ‘movement of compassion’, has become incompassionate! A movement that was said to be for the good of the 99%, has ravaged those very people, only to further enrich and empower the 1%, as the political elites gain power and wealth, while the 99% falls into desperation and dependence!

Today, the false idea of Democratic Socialism has misled entire cities and states to abandon the needs of each individual, for the good of the Elites, whether it is the Political, Social, or Fiscal Elites! Meanwhile, like all good Marxists, they have embraced and pushed the ideological concept of Socialism on their constituents, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity, and to restrict the available choices and decisions of individuals, including political power of those individuals!

Sadly, history would tell us that Socialism has always led to the end of private property and markets, impoverishment, desperation, and even death! Ultimately, socialism is incompatible with democracy because democracy empowers the individual. Democracy tolerates dissent, individual differences, compromise! All of these ideals are impossible through Socialism, regardless of Socialism’s political and structural framework, whether it be a Dictatorship, Monarchy, Marxism, or a fancy and false-flag ideology like ‘Democratic Socialism’!

Ironically, Socialism cannot succeed without capital, which is why Margaret Thatcher’s famous quote came to a realization! In fact, Thatcher so eloquently said…

socialisms problem

After all, without capital, economic growth and justice have no sustainable sponsor! Therefore, Socialist or government-owned enterprises are starved for capital, such as roadways, subways, water and sewer systems. Also, public utilities fail, as municipal finance would have no exchange and no investors, and it all would lead to derelict infrastructure everywhere.

Now, as a result of the radical left-wing Socialist/Marxist, or as they put it… ‘Democratic Socialist’ policies, too many American cities are faltering and failing, as they strip political and economic power from the people! Too many cities are falling into crime, as the people lose their homes, live on the streets, eat from trash cans, become addicted to drugs, and become desperate! As a result, too many American cities are becoming saturated with feces, drug needles, tents and shanty’s, as well as dilapidated! AND ALL THANKS TO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, WHETHER YOU CALL IT MARXISM, COMMUNISM, FASCISM, SOCIALISM, OR DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALISM because they are all the same! A concentration of power and wealth from the hands of the many, into the hands of a few!

The following video shows the true cost of those left-wing Socialist policies that are already being embraced and realized in the United States of America, as it consumes entire cities and states! Sadly, too many left-wing Democrat-controlled cities and states are leading their constituents into the ‘third-world’ realm of poverty, sickness, disease, and death, and at record speed!

Via: KOMO News

Ultimately, as the Democrats implementation of Socialism for their own power and greed, and the subsequent repercussions that followed, have become overwhelmingly glaring, as well as, disheartening, as California and other cities, have shown themselves, to be on the verge of becoming another Venezuela, as it has ravaged the once-shining cities in America with sickness, desperation, drug additions, violence, homelessness, and a lack of hope! Hopefully, President Trump and his Administration can solve their crisis, as he looks to eradicate the root cause of their crisis, and that is Socialism itself!

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