By: Brian Evans

Even as the Democrats and Mainstream Media continue to attack the President with wall to wall hate-Trump coverage that calls him a racist, Major Garrett, who one of the President’s starkest media critics, openly admitted that President Trump and his administration have made massive strides to help black Americans, hispanic Americans, and other minoritiy communites! In fact, Garrett said that President Trump’s successes are a “legacy” that “almost any president would want to claim.”

Garrett pointed to a just a few of President Trump’s successes for minority communities, including the…

  • funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • The passage of the FIRST STEP Act, which focuses on helping inmates reenter society and slow the recidivism rate.

Garrett said that…

“It can be fairly said that this administration, because of President Trump’s quiet prodding, has done quite a bit for funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The FIRST STEP Act, which was a massive first step towards criminal justice reform…” Just a couple weeks ago in this newly-signed defense bill there is a law that says if you are seeking work for the federal government or any contractor, you don’t have to be asked – and you can’t be asked – about your criminal history until right toward the end. That’s a significant change long sought by criminal justice advocates. Plus opportunities owned in the tax bill directed at communities of color. That is a legacy, on the agenda side, that almost any president after three years, would want to claim.”

Video Via: RNC Research

In his statement, he didn’t even mention how the President has made record-setting strides in helping minorities get work, as his agenda cut the unemployment rate to a record-setting 50-year-low, with EVERY MINORITY from black Americans to hispanic Americans, women, and every other minority in America! Combine that with his incredible tax cuts, which cut the amount of money that Americans had taken out of their paychecks, leaving the hard-hit minorities with more money to spend, elevating many of them out of poverty, and towards becoming part of America’s now growing Middle Class!

Thank you President Trump for your true leadership, and following through on your promises! It is a breath of fresh air, coming from the rat-infested swamp who makes promises and then renigs on those promises once they are elected! You are a true patriot to all Americans, not just for the Elitist political, economic, and social classes in Hollywood, in Washington D.C., throughout government, and in the corporate offices in America and around the Globe!