By: Brian Evans

In the past few months, the Mainstream Media reported that border crossings have increased in El Paso following the installation of a border wall, but their numbers are based on cherry-picked numbers and ignore other large informational data segments altogether!

The Daily Caller reported that…

At least two news sites reported that border crossings in the El Paso sector have increased because of the newly erected border wall, but apprehensions in that area have actually fallen substantially, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

In the case of The Raw Story — which was wired from the New Civil Rights Movement — the headline read “Illegal border crossings ‘nearly double’ thanks to $5 ladders that easily hook onto Trump’s new replacement wall.” The article linked to a story from The Independent about illegal migrants using cheap ladders to cross newly built barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Later they wrote…

The author later quoted a sentence from The Independent that said “Border Patrol apprehensions of single adults — those most likely to use the ladder method — have nearly doubled in the El Paso sector.”

The Raw Story article then laid out data to back up its argument: “In just a few months, from October 2019 to January 2020 Border Patrol agents apprehended 10,030 people, ‘compared with 5,150 in the same period a year ago.’”

However, El Paso border apprehensions have actually dropped, and dropped dramatically! They pointed out how…

From October 2018 to January 2019, total apprehensions in the El Paso sector hit 34,788, according to data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This number encompasses all apprehensions, which includes unaccompanied minors, family units, and single adults. Total apprehensions for the same time period this fiscal year stood at 19,812. That’s a decrease of nearly 57%.

How did The Raw Story get its number? It only reported the apprehensions of single adults — which did see an increase — and ignored the steep drop of family unit and unaccompanied minor apprehensions. The massive drop of family units in particular — from 25,788 last fiscal year to 8,085 this fiscal year — accounted for a significant portion of the total drop.

Sadly, as the Mainstream Media outlets like The Inquisitr, try to pass off false information to the public, they won’t admit that their reports were based, on both false and misleading information!

Meanwhile, regardless of the lies and distortions that the Mainstream Media is reporting, apprehensions and illegals who are crossing the El Paso border have dropped, and dropped dramatically!

The Daily Caller News Foundation added that, according to the Customs and Border Patrol, crossings and apprehensions have dropped for…

eight straight months, falling from a peak of over 144,000 in May to just over 36,600 in January, the last month for which we have available information, according to CBP data.

The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf already stated…

“Looking at wall construction historically, we see that walls go up, illegal apprehensions and illegal crossings go down. A wall system went up in San Diego, illegal crossings went down 27%. A wall system went up in Tucson [Arizona], illegal crossings went down 24%. Here in Yuma, when the wall system went up, illegal crossings in that area decreased by over 78%.”