Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden said Sunday he will restart the catch and release of southern migrants into Americans’ workplaces, neighborhoods, and K-12 schools.

“No one, no one would be put in jail while waiting for their [asylum] hearing,” Biden told the audience during CNN’s Democrat debate.

President Donald Trump has largely blocked the huge 2019 inflow of Latin American migrants into blue-collar jobs by ending catch and release policies, which allow migrants to get the U.S jobs they need to pay off their smuggling debts to the cartel-affiliates coyotes.

By ending catch and release, Trump created an economic deterrent to further migration, causing an immediate crash in migrant numbers. In May 2019, for example, 140,000 migrants paid thousands of dollars to be smuggled across the U.S. border. In January, only 30,000 people migrated to the border because many would-be migrants understood they would not be released to get a U.S. job.

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