By: Brian Evans

In October, the United Nations revealed that they are running a fiscal deficit of $230 million, the pro-Globalist, pro-socialist organization’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned this week that they will likely run out of money by the end of October unless world governments immediately meet their financial obligations. However, if the organization was wanting to be accurate, they would have said that the United Nations was set to run out of ‘other people’s money’, primarily the hardworking American taxpayer’s money!

In fact, of all the nations that would be hit with the biggest portion of the burden, it is the American taxpayers, who finance a whopping 22% of the organization’s massive annual budget, and 28% of its peacekeeping missions, which costs the United States citizens $8 Billion dollars annually!

Now, the United Nations desire for a new infusion of cash would most likely be primarily landing on the backs of the American taxpayers, which is a major irony, being the organization lambasts America’s capitalist economy, but then expect that same economy to fund their existence and anti-Capitalist, anti-Christian, and anti-American agenda!

In fact, now just a little more than two months after the UN was bailed out, the United Nations announced on Friday, December 27th that they were approving a Russian-led bid that seeks to police and censor the political adversaries to the Marxist and Globalist left in EVERY NATION AROUND THE GLOBE!

Breitbart News reported that…

The United Nations on Friday approved a Russian-led and China backed effort that aims to create a new convention on cybercrime, alarming rights groups and Western powers that fear a bid to restrict online freedom.

The General Assembly approved the resolution sponsored by Russia and backed by China, which would set up a committee of international experts in 2020.

The panel will work to set up “a comprehensive international convention on countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes,” the resolution said.

The United States, European powers and rights groups fear that the language is code for legitimizing crackdowns on expression, with numerous countries defining criticism of the government as “criminal.”

Already, Russia, but especially China censors and cracks down on their citizenry, non-conforming Media entities like conservative media and political opponents, as they use Marxist and Fascist population controls to manipulate their citizenry! Now, in cooperation with the anti-Constitutional and freedom-hating United Nations, they are working to restrict the freedoms and rights of all humans worldwide INCLUDING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Breitbart added that…

China heavily restricts internet searches to avoid topics sensitive to its communist leadership, as well as news sites with critical coverage.

A number of countries have increasingly tried to turn off the internet, with India cutting off access in Kashmir in August after it stripped autonomy to the Muslim-majority region and Iran taking much of the country offline as it cracked down on protests in November.

A United States official stated their concerns when they said..

“It is precisely our fear that (a new convention) would allow the codification at an international and global level of these types of controls that’s driving our opposition and our concerns about this resolution.”

He also noted that any new United Nations treaties that give the power of internet controls over mankind would be…

“inimical to the United States’ interests because that doesn’t tally with the fundamental freedoms we see as necessary across the globe.”

Also, Human Rights Watch’s Louis Charbonneau stated that …

“If the plan is to develop a convention that gives countries legal cover for internet blackouts and censorship, while creating the potential for criminalizing free speech, then it’s a bad idea.”

Therefore, while the United Nations joins forces with some of the most unethical and inhumane governments on earth, their efforts do nothing for real human rights abuses like cybercrimes, human and child sex trafficking, starvation, fraud, child pornography, and government corruption!

Also, Breitbart noted that…

Russia has opposed the Budapest Convention, arguing that giving investigators access to computer data across borders violates national sovereignty.

The Budapest Convention was drafted by the Council of Europe, but other countries have joined, including the United States and Japan.

A new UN treaty on cybercrime could render the Budapest Convention obsolete, further alarming rights groups.

Regardless, the United Nations has no interest in real crimes, but instead, it is all a ruse that is designed to consolidate power amongst the power-hungry, greedy elitists who could care less about true human beings! That is at least humans who are not part of their political elite global Marxist club, that has sadly overtaken much of our own leadership in Washington, including the Democrat National Committee in its entirety!