By: Brian Evans

As America’s Mainstream Media continues to morph into more of a bunch of anti-Trump, anti-Constitutional Republic, left-wing opinion organizations, they have become institutions that have more in common with the former Soviet Union’s Pravda paper, than actual news reporting agencies!

The Encyclopedia Brittanica stated that…

Pravda, (Russian: “Truth”) newspaper that was the official organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, numerous publications and Web sites continued under the Pravda name.

Pravda published its first issue on May 5, 1912, in Saint Petersburg. Founded as a workers’ daily, the paper eventually became an important organ of the Bolshevik movement, and Vladimir Lenin exercised broad editorial control. It was repeatedly suppressed by the tsar’s police, reappearing each time with a different name, until it finally emerged in Moscow in 1918 to assume its role as the official party paper. During the Soviet era, Pravda was distributed nationwide, offering its readers well-written articles and analyses on science, economics, cultural topics, and literature. There were letters from readers and officially sponsored and approved materials to indoctrinate and inform its readers on Communist theory and programs. Its treatment of foreign affairs generally was limited to domestic matters within foreign countries. International relations was left to the official Soviet government newspaper IzvestiyaPravda’s pages featured pleasing makeup, occasional photography, and attractive typography. It carried no Western-style scandal or sensational news; rather, it sought to encourage unity of thought on the part of its readers by stressing and interpreting the party line. Many of its editorials were reprinted in other Soviet and Soviet-bloc papers.

Now, as the left-wing bureaucrats continue their hate-driven politicized push, they have utilized news organizations like the Washington Post, CNN, NBC and their affiliates, The New York Times, and others, in their effort to try and smear, discredit, and demonize organizations that print factual, pro-American news!

In fact, on March 7, 2020, the hate-driven New York Times published a political hit piece on both Erik Prince and James O’Keefe.

The Gateway Pundit reported that…

In the article The New York Times reveals the founder of the security company Academi is recruiting former American and British spies for secretive intelligence-gathering operations on corrupt liberal organizations and campaigns.

The New York Times even identified form MI6 officer Richard Seddon as an operative for Erik Prince in an alleged operation in a Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers, a far left teacher’s union.

In their article The New York Times released information on James O’Keefe’s upcoming wedding and mentions that Donald Trump Jr. is on the attendee list.

Jack Posobiec posted the following…

Sadly, the New York Times defends the indefensible and then targets their political enemies with false information, deceptive headlines, and pro-Marxist propaganda, all while because they cannot win arguments the facts! Sadly, they even target conservatives weddings, like how the did with James O’Keefe and his bride!

Sadly, the hate-driven, devious, and malicious liars on the left, no longer have any morals, no standards, and no conscience! In fact, they apparently have no arguments, so instead of fighting against our constitutional republic America using facts, they have resorted to any means necessary, regardless of who gets hurt, including the American people!

In all, the Mainstream Media and the radical left have one thing in common, and that is that they are bankrupt in ideas and morals, as they prove that their love for America is paper-thin, IF THAT! Today, apparently the only thing that they care about, is the fundamental transformation of America from a free land of opportunity, into something that resembles the former Soviet Union, modern-day Russia, which explains their fascination with trying to make Americans relate Trump to Russia! After all, if the truth that they are in bed with Russians, in their drive to make America the next Soviet Empire, Americans would turn against them like nothing that they have ever seen before!

In fact, America seems to already be realizing that fact, which could explain why they are overwhelmingly turning against the Marxist left, and towards President Trump, as he works to ‘Make America Great Again’ by reinstituting a free, fair, and a just Constitutional Republic!