By: Brian Evans

During a Baltimore County Advanced Placement history class, the classroom teacher showed a slideshow that compared President Donald Trump to both Communism and Fascism, in an apparent effort to push radical ideology upon the young minds in the classroom!

The Gateway Pundit reported...

Baltimore County, where Trump is considered a ‘Nazi’ and Democrats who release dangerous El Salvadoran MS-13 gang members into the community are considered heroes.

Parents were outraged after a Baltimore County AP [Advanced Placement] history teacher showed 16-year-old students a slide comparing President Trump to Nazism and Communism.

A far-left teacher at Loch Raven High School this week pushed their radical Trump-hating agenda on to their students, and parents are furious.

Parents were afraid to speak on the record about their disapproval of the slide, out of fear of retaliation against their children, so they spoke to Fox Baltimore over the phone — ironically, this shows that it is leftists who are the real Nazis and Communists.

One parent told Fox Baltimore that the slide comparing Trump to Nazism and Communism was put up, and left up, for people to see the whole day.

Another parent said in a phone interview that the topic in that class was “supposedly world leaders shunning other groups out.”

The Baltimore County Schools tried to play the incident off, as they said that…

“This lesson was not intended to make a political statement.”

Then, rather than condemning the blatant indoctrination, the Baltimore County Schools released a statement defending the so-called ‘history lesson’ as something that…

‘when taken out of context, could be misunderstood.’

The School is refusing to say where they obtained this particular lesson, but they did indicate that the teacher in question didn’t make the slide! Therefore, it is likely the curriculum of the school or  district!

Via: RNC Research