By: Brian Evans

As Americans are lectured by Hollywood and Democrats about their energy consumption, their use of straws and plastics, their home energy consumption, their cars, and every other aspect of their lives, Hollywood seems to be living in a sort of an alternate reality, where none of those rules apply! In fact, their hypocrisies can be seen from the cars that they drive, the foods that they eat, the jets that they fly in, and even the gift bags that they receive.

Fox News revealed how…

As if a shot at winning an Academy Award wasn’t exciting enough, all those nominated for acting and directing accolades will receive an over-the-top swag bag with contents reportedly valued at $148,000. Memorable gifts in the prize package include six luxury getaway experiences and spa trips, $25,000 worth of cosmetic procedures, bulletproof doors, a 24-karat gold-finished vape pen, a cannabis-infused chocolate tasting for eight, booze, matchmaking services, and much, much more.

Ahead of the 92nd annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Feb. 9, nominees will receive the over-the-top presents compiled by the marketing company Distinctive Assets, which is not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Forbes reported that the gift bags are valued at $148,000 each, and are called the “Everyone Wins” gift bags!

Fox News revealed that Lash Fary, known as the “Sultan of Swag” in Hollywood circles, is the founder of Distinctive Assets, and he stated…

“Every human being, regardless of wealth or fame, appreciates the simple joy of a gift. While our ‘Everyone Wins’ Gift Bag is certainly not given based on need, it is assembled with a profound sense of gratitude for the incredible performances these talented individuals shared with all of us this year. A great gift has nothing to do with a price tag.”

However, as they claim every human appreciates the simple joy of a gift, the Hollywood Elites spend most of their time bashing those very people who enable them to live those lavish and extraordinarily expensive lifestyles! In addition, those very same elitists in Hollywood, and around the nation, call for the common men and women in the heartland of America to stop having babies, cut back on energy consumption, stop eating meat, stop supporting the President and abandon the power and freedoms that they have due to capitalism and our Constitution, all while those very same elitists eat meats in fine dining hotels, drive gas-guzzling limousines and automobiles, fly around in private jets, and live in homes that consume more energy than hundreds of homes combined throughout America.

These very elitists lecture Americans about how hateful Middle Americans are, as well as their President, as they simultaneously call for violence against the President, violence against his supporters, and many times act out that violence on television, in advertisements, and on stage.

To the elites in Hollywood, much like those in Washington D.C., they have sadly become so detached from reality, so constrained by their infatuation with and Marxist mentality, that they are no longer able to distinguish fact from fiction, science from science fiction, freedom from subjugation, love from hate, pride from humility, patriotism or nationalism from treachery, or racism from tolerance! Today, too many in Hollywood, like those in D.C., and in the ivory towers of corporate boardrooms, have become the very thing that they have repeatedly claimed to be fighting against! They hate the President! They hate the common citizens throughout our glorious nation! They hate the Constitution and all the powers that it bestows upon ‘We the People’! Furthermore, they hate the nationalist movement that President Trump has started, not for the reasons that they claim to hate it, but because it represents everything that their Socialist movement loathes…freedom, compassion, justice, and the American dream!