By: Brian Evans

Already, the Mainstream Media has tried to alter the American people’s perception of President Trump, giving him 97% negative coverage overall, 100% negative coverage during his impeachment trial, and all while giving 95% positive coverage to the Democrats! NO BIAS HERE! Now, Yahoo Finance News reported that NBC will stop airing President Trump’s campaign ads on every one of their cable networks! Yahoo Finance reported…

NBC Universal will stop airing a Trump re-election campaign ad on all of its cable network. the ad claims that Presidential hopeful Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion to fire a prosecutor looking into a Ukraine gas company with ties to his son, Hunter Biden. Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro, Brian Cheung and Pras Subramanian discuss on On the Move.

Sadly, it seems that the Mainstream Media organizations like CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC to name a few, have become the driving force behind the radical left-wing agenda that has propelled the Democrat Party off of the Socialist and Marxist cliff in America!