By: Brian Evans

On Monday, the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana tried to join a “Fight for $15” protest that was put on by ‘Racial Justice’ Protesters in Charleston, South Carolina, but his appearance didn’t go quite as he had planned or hoped for! In fact, it went horribly wrong for the 2020 Presidential candidate!

In fact, Buttigieg was screamed at and booed at by the racial justice socialists, as he fled and they chased him down the street until he got into his car and drove away!

Video Via: GOP

Sadly, the left has been indoctrinating and radicalizing these left-wing Marxists for years, in the hopes that they could use them to empower and enrich themselves, but it is now backfiring, as they are turning against the Democrat Establishment! They are now turning to real Marxists like Bernie Sanders, who praises Fidel Castro, China’s Mao, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union! 

Therefore, congratulations are in order, as the Democrats have not only radicalized and indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of Americans, but they have lost control of their cultural Marxist experiment, and Pete Buttigieg’s experience is merely the beginning, as it signals not only an end for the 2020 Presidential candidates running today, but it signals the end of the Democrat Party! At least an end to the Democrat Party of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents!