By: Brian Evans

As the 2020 November election continues to come ever-closer, with less than 9 months to go, the Democrat’s chances of winning the Presidency looks to have gone up in a puff of smoke! Granted, nobody should count their chickens before they hatch, but the American electorate has become fed up and fired up, not only because of the Presidents success in helping the American people but with the Democrats hate-driven agenda that is based more on destroying President Trump, rather than helping the American people! Top that off with the fact that the Democrats have adopted a Socialist and Marxist vision for America, and it leaves a very bad taste in the mouths of the American electorate!

Trending Politics reported

On Wednesday night, President Trump held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona and the voter data released by the Trump campaign should scare the living daylights out of Democrats.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter last night to share the voter data with his followers. In short, Trump is not only bringing new voters into his base from the Democrat party, but he’s bringing in people who didn’t even vote in 2016!

Here are the turnout numbers, as reported by Parscale:

Amazingly, these numbers are not just a one-time thing, but a repetitious trend, happening from coast to coast, and rally to rally!

Combine that with the fact that the impeachment was incredibly unpopular with the American people, and it has resulted in not only supporters showing up at rallies, but small donors joining the Trump Train in troves!

In fact, since the end of the impeachment, President Trump’s campaign has had more than one million new donors, adding to his already massive campaign war-chest.

The Washington Times reported that…

The Republican National Committee now reveals Donald J. Trump for President Inc. — the president’s official campaign entity — raised $60.6 million in January, and now has over $200 million cash on hand.

Since the beginning of 2019, the campaign has raised over $525 million. Since the Democratic impeachment push began Sept. 24, the campaign also gained over 1 million new digital and direct mail donors.

“The more Democrats smear Trump, the more enthusiasm we see for him and his many accomplishments,” said RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. “We already have 500,000 volunteers trained and activated, and this record-breaking support is helping us grow our grassroots army even more.”

Trending Politics added

Now, betting aggregator has Trump’s chances at 59.99 percent of winning re-election and serving a second term in office.

Trump’s odds of victory are now 5-7, according to Oddschecker.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Far behind is Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has a 16.7% chance of winning the White House, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with an 11% chance.

But with the Democratic race in turmoil after Iowa flubbed its caucuses and indications showing a strong first- or second-place finish for former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, gamblers are scrambling to fine-tune their bets among the sites Oddschecker examines.

Notably, those betting on the outcome of the New Hampshire primary next week have started to pull the bets for former Vice President Joe Biden, rejected again by Iowa Democrats, and put more on Sanders and Buttigieg.

Ultimately, this election is the President’s to lose, and Trump never plays for second…He goes for the win!