By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats continue to push forward with their left-wing agenda, they have quietly and quickly been advancing a new piece of legislation called the “New Way Forward Act”, and there is a reason that they have been doing so quietly!

The “New Way Forward” legislation is a radical bill that was proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her band of radical left-wing hate-mongers on the ‘Squad’, and it not only proposes to release thousands of criminal illegal aliens into our communities throughout America, but it will become required for America to re-import more illegals and all on the dole of the American taxpayers!

In fact, the “New Way Forward Act” is a plan to not only protect illegal aliens who are hardened criminals that are already living within our borders, but the legislation would use taxpayer funds, to bring already deported illegal aliens back into our interior, costing the American taxpayers trillions, while destroying American jobs, stifling the economy, and endangering our American cities, towns, and communities!

The Daily Caller has stated…

Tucker Reveals Democratic Plan To Protect Illegal Alien Criminals From Deportation, And ‘Fundamentally’ Change America

Fox News host Tucker Carson revealed the details of a piece of impending Democratic-led House legislation that would “entirely remake” the United States immigration system.

Discussing the proposed New Way Forward Act during a Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue, Carlson noted that the bill is currently “sponsored by 44 House Democrats, including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” yet has “received almost no publicity.”

Tucker Carlson said…

“Under the New Way Forward Act, ‘crimes of moral turpitude’ are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation,” said Carlson. “And the category of ‘aggravated felony’ gets eliminated too,” meaning “there will no longer be any crime that automatically requires deportation. The bill would also effectively abolish all existing enforcement against illegal immigration. To detain illegal immigrants, ICE would have to prove in court that they are dangerous or a flight risk. But of course, ICE wouldn’t be allowed to use a detainee’s prior criminal behavior as proof of danger. That’s banned. ICE would have to overcome even more hurdles if the detainee claims to be gay or transgendered, if they’re under 21, or if they can’t speak English and an interpreter isn’t immediately available, they get a pass. In other words, it would be much harder to arrest an illegal alien in this country than it is to arrest you. They’re the protected class here. You’re just some loser who’s paying for it all.”

Video Via: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson…

Ultimately, if the Democrats are allowed to take power in November, whether it is in the Senate, House, or Presidency, the ‘New Way Forward’ will become law, and then America as we know it will cease to exist, as the Democrats usher in a much darker future for our great nation!