By: Brian Evans

In January of 2018, St. Louis based KMOV’s Lauren Trager broke a story that alleged that Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, who was very popular with Missourians,  not only had an extramarital affair with his hairdresser, Katrina Sneed but alleged that he was blackmailing her. Lauren Trager claimed that the news outlet had spent months investigating before breaking the story. In other words, Traeger’s report on KMOV alleged that Greitens took non-consensual nude photos of his hairdresser, designed to blackmail her into silence, which she implied was politically motivated!

Greitens didn’t try to lie about the affair! In fact, he was straightforward and admitted to those allegations, but the Democrats seized on the implications, and within days had pushed the narrative that he was involved in bondage, sexual assault, rape, blackmail, and other allegations! Eventually, the case was picked up by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner who then indicted Greitens on a charge of felony invasion of privacy.

Over the coming months, it became apparent that the evidence was non-existant, and the laundry list of charges were trumped-up by a radical left-wing St. Louis attorney, backed by George Soros’ funding, with hired criminals trying to frame the former Governor!

Finally, this past week, it was revealed on ENR and other news outlets including CNN that the more than a year-long investigation into former Governor Eric Greitens led to the conclusion that he was innocent of all charges, and exonerated, being the had no evidence against him, the alleged victim refused to testify against him, and the alleged photos and other evidence were non-existent!

In all, the indictment against Greitens proved to be nothing more than a ploy for Progressive’s to elevate Missouri Democrats to score huge political points on lies and false narratives. It painted a clear picture of a corrupt prosecutor Kim Gardner, who was bought and paid for by George Soros and Democrat Elitists, to advance a case against Governor Greitens, which had no evidence to support it. Still, regardless of innocence, Soros funded, left-wing, Progressive-Socialist democrats are continuing their charade against an honorable veteran who put his life on the line as a Navy Seal. Regardless, they continued to attack a sitting Governor, and not only accuse him but attempt to prosecute him of a crime, without any evidence. They did so, not only because he prescribed to a Trumpian agenda, or because he is against the Progressive agenda, but because he both vowed to put ‘Missouri First’, and because it seems quite conceivable that he would have ascended to the Presidency and continue advancing President Trump’s highly popular ‘America First’ agenda.

In the end, after Eric Greitens resigned in May of 2019 to save his family from the heartache of the radical left’s vicious lies and attacks against him and his family, then and only then, were the charges dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct, in addition to potential criminal conduct, where the investigators targeting Greitens were indicted on 7 felony counts!


In addition to the fact that there is no evidence, no photos, or anyone who has any knowledge of Greitens committing any crimes, on Thursday, February 13, 2020, nine months after Greitens resigned, the Missouri Ethics Commission announced that the former Governor Eric Greitens is FULLY EXONERATED OF ALL CHARGES! It was reported by CNN, FOX, ENR, OAN, Breitbart, and other outlets reported the panels findings with headlines like…

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 11.00.33 AM

One America News Network reported…

However, regardless of the facts, Missouri’s ‘fake news’ left-wing Mainstream Media news complex chose to ignore the findings and report the complete opposite of the truth! In fact, Missouri’s so-called news outlets like the Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post Dispatch, and others, intentionally ran headlines that were designed to continue smearing Greitens and Republicans, while providing cover for the left-wing political hacks that lied, committed perjury, obstructed justice, and committed countless other felonies and crimes! For example, instead of reporting Greitens full and complete exoneration, The Kansas City Star reported…

Meanwhile, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (STLToday) headline read…

Sadly, those were only two of countless headlines that radical left-wing propaganda news organizations that ran misleading headlines and stories that ignored the facts! Facts like how…


The Missouri Ethics Commission found no evidence of wrongdoing!!!

In fact, the Ethics Commission’s ACTUAL STATEMENT WAS AS FOLLOWS…



“NO evidence of ANY wrongdoing”

FEBRUARY 13, 2020—After a 20-month investigation the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) released an order fully exonerating former Governor Eric Greitens. They found “no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens.” Charlie Spies, the leader of Dickinson Wright PLLC’s political law practice, served as Mr. Greitens’ legal counsel throughout the MEC investigation.

Further, in an unusual move, the MEC agreed not “to limit the civil or criminal remedies that may be available to Governor Greitens,” against those who made accusations.

“Eric Greitens is and always has been innocent of these false accusations. Our contention from the beginning was that the accusations against Mr. Greitens were baseless,” said Catherine Hanaway, the leader of Husch Blackwell LLP’s Government Solutions practice team and a former U.S. Attorney.

The MEC order is the result of one of the most thorough and exhaustive investigations in the history of the commission. Overall, the MEC issued 23 subpoenas, conducted 20 interviews, and reviewed roughly 8,000 documents, emails and videos. Over the last two years the Greitens campaign incurred costs of over $1.3 million defending against the allegations.

Governor Greitens said, “It’s good to have been exonerated, and I’m glad to have been vindicated. I’m grateful that the truth has won out, but this was never really about me—they launched this attack because we were fighting for the people of Missouri.”

“I would like to thank Charlie Spies of Dickinson Wright PLLC, and Catherine Hanaway of Husch Blackwell LLP for finally setting the record straight,” Greitens concluded.

Even then, other outlets parroted and copied Missouri’s disinformation news leaders! The Gateway Pundit, Bill Hennessey wrote

What do CNN and Breitbart have in common?

  1. They’re not based in Missouri.
  2. They both read the Missouri Ethics Commission’s report on former Governor Eric Greitens and reached the same conclusion: Eric Greitens was completely exonerated by the MEC. Or, to quote CNN’s headline, “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

No evidence of wrongdoing is about as total as exoneration gets.

So, why did Missouri’s failing major newspapers, the corrupt St. Louis Post-Dispatch and floundering Kansas City Star, tell a different story? Did they not read the report (lazy)? Or did they read it and decide to publish lies (corrupt)?

How can Breitbart announce the truth while the Kansas City Star repeats lies?

Missouri’s bush-league reporters have absolutely zero justification for their false, misleading headlines. Do the Star and the Post simply lie about people they don’t like. Or do the write their stories before events occur and never bother to check their predictions against reality?

Most of Missouri’s major television and radio news reporters did something even worse. They just parroted what the failing newspapers wrote instead of reading the report themselves.

The fact is the Missouri Ethics Commission found zero evidence of wrongdoing by former Governor Eric Greitens. That fact doesn’t fit the anti-Greitens narrative created by Missouri’s lazy and corrupt reporters.

Therefore, why would the radial left-wing propaganda papers try to skew the truth?

The Kansas City Star wrote..

when the discussion turned to his political future — and persistent rumors that he could jump into the 2020 Republican gubernatorial primary — Greitens played coy.

“Anything is a possibility,” Greitens told conservative host Jamie Allman, saying he’d be happy to return at a later date to discuss the topic.

Those close to Greitens say a 2020 return, while not out of the question, is unlikely.

He knows he’s still politically radioactive, they say, and calls with past donors left him wondering whether he could raise the cash needed for a serious challenge to the Republican who replaced him in the governor’s office, Mike Parson.

Ultimately, the Trump-hating, Republican despising, and Conservative loathing left has repeatedly and consecutively targeted anyone who dares to pose a threat to their power and greed-driven hold on America, and much like President Trump, they see Eric Greitens as a threat to their power! Although, Greitens isn’t likely to run for office again in 2020, being Governor Mike Parsons has already announced his candidacy for re-election. However, the Democrats and their Media Propaganda complex are on high-alert, as evidence of corruption on the left wrongfully targeted a HIGHLY POPULAR GOVERNOR, who had INCREDIBLY HIGH SUPPORT IN MISSOURI, UP TO THE DAY HE RESIGNED! Now, they fear Greitens will run for office again, and they are already trying to get a head start on a new smear campaign, albeit based on false and woefully malicious information, they are going into high gear to try and stop Eric Greitens!

Sadly, over the past few years, Progressive-Socialists have proven that they will do virtually anything to take down President Trump, his America First agenda, or anyone like him, such as the former Governor and Navy Seal Eric Greitens who would potentially pick up and carry the torch of freedom and American Idealism! They have attacked him falsely and maliciously by going after his policies,  businesses,  patriotism, family, integrity, and honor.

Sadly, their vicious attacks hurt an honorable and respectable Governor, Eric Greitens of Missouri. Eric Greitens spent his childhood growing up in St. Louis. He is a Rhodes Scholar and served his country as a Navy SEAL. He served four tours of duty overseas, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. After coming home, he founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities, and in 2014, Fortune Magazine named Eric Grietens as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” Greitens garnered the attention of George Soros and his Progressive-Socialist machine in 2016 when he ran for Missouri Governor on a platform that resembled Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. He ran as a pro-life candidate. He vowed to cut burdensome regulations on businesses and corporations, while dramatically lower taxes on Missouri residents. He said that “when government over-regulates, over taxes, overspends, or overreaches, it hurts our businesses, damages our hospitals, injures our middle class, and holds back those struggling to make it into the middle class. It makes life difficult for our teachers, and it threatens our freedom and our prosperity. He said that we must eliminate burdensome regulations that are destroying jobs right here at home.” Greitens also said he would fight to protect the religious liberties and the beliefs of all Missourians. He vowed to fight the culture of corruption in government, and implement term limits on politicians. He said that he would ban all gifts from lobbyists. He said that he would fight for the middle class, as he believes in the dignity of work, and made his top priority jobs; to help build an economy that creates more private-sector jobs and bigger private sector paychecks. He said that he…

“believes police officers and firefighters should be honored for the hard work they do. They deserve to be led not by lawyers, but by leaders. I pledge to be strong for those who are always on call for us.”

As a result, he vowed to make sure that they have the training, the equipment, and the support that they need to do their job. He vowed to always defend the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and fight for the 2nd Amendment. Greitens also vowed to cut spending and…

“ask of every agency of government and every line item in the budget, a simple question: what is your mission. What results did you produce for the money that you’ve spent?”

Consequently, he pledged to shrink government, to eliminate waste and fraud, and to act as a budget hawk, who looks after the people’s every dollar. In all, Greitens could in all likelihood be our next Trump.

As a result, Progressive-Socialists, with pro-communist billionaire George Soros at the helm, used their smear and destroy campaign against what would have been the greatest Governor Missouri has ever had, and at any cost. Sadly, it not only shows how the Democrats are out of control but why they fear Greitens! Today, the radical Democrats and their globalist allies continue to target President Trump, and anyone who dares oppose their political motives and efforts! Now, it is time for the American people to stand up to these hypocritical, evil, hate-mongering bullies, as we fight for a free and peaceful society with patriots like Eric Greitens at the helm! Only this time, Missourians need to stand up and speak out against the left-wing hate, their false allegations that are based on anonymous sources and unverified information and documents! It is time for ‘We the People’ to stand up for those who are fighting for us, rather than expecting them to stand up for us…alone! Then, and only then, will we be successful in derailing the hate-driven Marxist and Socialist train that is being thrown upon ‘We the People’, as they try to use the media and legal system to turn our patriotic heroes lives upside down!