By: Brian Evans

As the impeachment case against President Trump fizzled out, much like their countless other attempts to destroy the President, the radical left has been forced to turn their ire towards those who dare support the President, like Michael Flynn, and now Rudy Giuliani!

In fact, Trending Politics reported that Giuliani has become the new target for the radical left-wing Democrats, as Federal Prosecutors from none other than ‘New York’ try to take down a man who has been investigating…THE RADICAL LEFT-WING DEEP STATE!

Trending Politics wrote…

Federal prosecutors have decided to continue pursuing an investigation into the President’s “personal lawyer” Rudy Giuliani, after it was reported that the Justice Department created an “intake process” to receive information on the Biden’s from him.

The investigation is looking into claims that Giuliani, along with two of his former associates participated in a plan trying to oust former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich. Prosecutors say the three saw Yovanovich as a threat to Trump’s efforts to investigate political rivals.

Ironically, Marie Yovanovich was terminated from her position on May 20, 2019, allegedly when it was discovered that she was blocking the Trump Administration from being able to investigate Hunter Biden and his corruption scheme! Even more interesting, is the fact that she served at the pleasure of the President, and he has the right to keep or fire her! In fact, President Obama FIRED ALL AMBASSADORS when he became President and instilled people who were loyal to him in those top positions! Regardless, what is good for the Democrats, is condemned when those on the right fire or replace anyone!

They added that a source familiar with the matter told The Washington Post that…

Federal prosecutors in New York contacted witnesses and sought to collect additional documents in an investigation related to Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani, according to people familiar with their activities.

The recent steps — including an interview with a witness last week — indicate that the probe involving Giuliani and two of his former associates is moving forward, even as the Justice Department has set up a process to evaluate claims Giuliani is making about alleged wrongdoing in Ukraine related to former vice president Joe Biden.

Rudy Giuliani responded to the investigation as the…

“most unfair, vindictive investigation they have ever conducted. I believe that the leaks and the investigation is intended to intimidate me as the President’s lawyer. I am fully confident that I did not commit any crimes of any kind.”

Therefore, the once-beloved Mayor of New York City, even by the left, has drawn the ire of the radical left, as he has made it his mission to uncover and expose the massive corruption scheme that the radical left-wing Democrats have perpetrated on America and the American people for too long!

Regardless, the Marxist-obsessed left will do anything, and I MEAN ANYTHING, to stop President Trump, so there would be nobody left to get in their way, including ‘We the People’ of the United States!