By: Brian Evans

As the radical hate-driven left-wing Democrats continue to try to impeach President Trump for supposedly threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine despite all evidence proving otherwise, they not only fail to admit to the corruption within their own Party, but they actually have tried to suppress it and hide it from the American people! However, non-mainstream media outlets have published actual quid-pro-quo blackmail that occurred under the Obama Administration, and even provided actual evidence from the horse’s mouth, as Joe Biden OPENLY ADMITTED TO A QUID-PRO-QUO for personal gains! Now, a pro-Trump group, @Defend_Trump, is running a loop of Joe Biden, that exposes him stating a quid-pro-quo!

The Gateway Pundit reported

The Committee to Defend the President—one of America’s largest pro-Trump super PACs—is running a new billboard in New York City, criticizing Democratic candidate Joe Biden over the Ukraine scandal.

The billboard, located at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Street, is two-sided and both sides will feature the video of Biden admitting to withholding aid to Ukraine until its government fired the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter.

Here is the video:

The billboard will also direct New Yorkers to visit, where the Committee is now running a signature collection petition that will ultimately be sent to Senate Republicans, urging them to subpoena Biden for his Ukrainian corruption.

They also noted that committee chairman Ted Harvey sent The Gateway Pundit this statement on the project…

“The Biden family name is synonymous with corruption, especially in Ukraine. Our goal is to educate Americans about the shady deals and ruthless power moves that ‘Quid Pro Joe’ executed on behalf of his son, Hunter, and at the expense of the Ukrainian government. The American people deserve to know the truth, and we are committed to sharing it with them.”