By: Brian Evans

Just when it seems that America’s Justice System couldn’t become any more unjust, they announced that they would be releasing a serial rapist, not because of good behavior, but because he is becoming a she! Apparently, the Department of Corrections finds transgenders non-threatening, as compared to other Americans.

The Storm Lake Times previously reported that Joseph Matthew Smith, who was a 23-year-old Midwest Christian Services (MCS) student, was convicted of 15 counts of sex crimes against his victims, ranging in age from 1-year-old to 13-years-old! He was sentenced to prison last fall!

Matt Walsh stated his shock, as he said…

The Des Moines Register reported that Lynn Hicks of the Iowa Attorney General’s office stated that they are…

“no longer seeking” Smith’s commitment because “an offender’s hormone levels are an important part of substantiating an offender’s likelihood of recidivism.” Hicks added that… “We don’t believe we have evidence sufficient to prove Josie Smith has a significant chance of reoffending.”

They are reporting that…

Smith has received treatment for gender reassignment over the past two years at Newton Correctional Facility. She first expressed a desire to “get started on transgender classification” in October 2017 and started using female pronouns.

Smith has expressed a preference to identify as Josie, according to court documents

An Iowa Department of Corrections spokesman said Smith was transferred on Saturday to the Sioux City Residential Treatment Facility for transitional release. He did not say when Smith will be released.

Officials involved in Smith’s release downplayed his sexual attacks, stating that Smith had been molested since he was the age of seven, and that…

“Mr. Smith has not had an intimate relationship. His sexual encounters appear to have primarily involved molestation, including his own molestation by multiple perpetrators, or his victimization of others.”

In other words, between his charges involving ‘molestation’ of innocent children, which they apparently believe to be minor, and that he is getting a sex change operation to become a ‘she’, they are releasing him back into the public domain!

Before any concerns were filed, they tried to further downplay his release, as they stated…

“Josie Smith will be subject to strict sex-offender reporting required of those who commit the crimes she did. She’ll be subject to supervision for the rest of her life.”

The authorities stated that according to their state so-called expert…

“The likelihood of re-offending within five years of release exceeded 20% because victims were of both genders, and because Smith was under age 25 and never had a long-term relationship.”

Smith’s sentence needed to be reduced because they believe that since he is having a transgender surgery, he will no longer “have the sex drive of a man”!

In other words, if you commit a sex crime against innocent children, you will not be held accountable for that crime, if you are willing to take medication to lower your testosterone levels!

Not only is this precedent sick, but it is dangerous, and it is only a matter of time before sex offenders catch on and begin using it as an excuse to get excused of their crimes!