By: Brian Evans

Last Friday, Ilhan Omar unleashed what appeared to be a veiled threat against the President, as she continues to try and undermine not only the President but American foreign and domestic policy, in her America and Constitutional hating-agenda! In fact, on Friday, after President Trump took out the known-terrorist Qassim Soleimani, who led the Iranian backed al-Quds Force, she attacked him telling the President that he had better divest and sell off his properties!

Already, Colin Kaepernick went to Twitter and called the President and the military advance against known terrorists like Soleimani, racists and terrorists, as he stated…

Now, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) appears to be threatening the President to sell off his properties, which led to severe criticism from online users! She wrote…

Therefore, the way she presented it, she is warning the President to divest his properties, or face Iranian retribution against his personal properties as a result!

Already, the Iranian regime has offered an $80 Million bounty for the President’s head, and now Ilhan Omar, being she is one of the first Muslim members of Congress, isn’t helping her cause, as she takes the side of a terror-supporting radical-Muslim government!

Meanwhile, the Democrats not only ignore Omar’s hate-driven statements, just like they did with her anti-Semitic statements, but Democrats are attacking the President for defending our troops, defending our citizens, an defending our nation! In fact, the Democrats blasted President Trump for killing a known terrorist, Soleimani, who took the lives of more than 600 soldiers, and one American contractor!

The Gellar report noted how Rep. Ilhan Omar’s statement signaled Iran to target Trump International Hotels, which is unprecedented, inappropriate, and dangerous as a leader in the United States Congress!