By: Brian Evans

As the 2020 election continues to count down and become ever-closer, all indications are beginning to point towards a good year for the new pro-America Republican Party led by President Donald J. Trump!

In fact, November is shaping up to look like the Republicans will not only hold the Senate, but due to the President’s magnificent success in fighting for a growing economy, fighting for fair trade, fighting for our men and women in uniform, fighting for Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Female Americans, Caucasian Americans, Christian Americans, and every other race, religion, creed, color, and every other classification of American, he has made his likelihood of re-election nearly imminent! Combine that with the radical efforts of an out-of-control, bigoted, hate-infested, deceitful, socialist-controlled Democrat Party, whose primary priority over the past three and a half years being…IMPEACH AND DESTROY, and they have nearly insured not only the President’s reelection, but they have almost certainly ensured that the Republicans win back control of a radically-run House of Representatives!

Trending Politics reported

During an interview on New York 970 AM radio on Sunday, pollster John McLaughlin said that the Democrat’s impeachment stunt “backfired” and that the GOP will most likely take back the majority of the House in 2020.

McLaughlin said…

“The impeachment backfired. The president’s job approval is moving up. … The [polls] that have likely voters, like Rasmussen, they have [Trump’s] job approval at or about 50%. He gets over 50%, he’s going to get reelected, because that’s what Obama had in 2012. He had 51%, got 51% on Election Day. That’s what George W. Bush had in 2004 on Election Day: 51% job approval, was reelected with 51%. That’s why the Democrats are panicking.”

John Catsimatidis asked McLaughlin if the democrats would lose the House in November, and McLaughlin responded…

“Yes! It’s likely because what they’ve done so far is motivated Trump voters to come back out. … So, those Trump voters come back out in 2020 — the ones who voted for him in 2016 — plus if he broadens his base … the Republicans only need 20 seats to retake the House, and there are already 30 endangered Democrats in those seats. So, it could happen.”

Trending Politics also noted that following the President’s acquittal, increased the President’s chances of re-election to 59.99% odds!

In all, the Democrats don’t have a re-election problem in their Party! Instead, they have a radical left-wing Marxist problem, as they have spent so many years trying to radicalize young Americans to believe in Socialism and Communism, that they are losing control of the power and wealth that they once thought they were actively working to centralize in their own hands! Apparently, that plan is backfiring, as their radical recruits have turned on them, in favor of those like Bernie Sanders who promise a Marxist Utopia, where all their dreams can be let down, all their efforts be crushed, and where their dream of a utopia will be re-hashed into what every other Socialist and Marxist movement exposed itself as…a nightmare dystopia of death, persecution, bondage, poverty, and desperation!