By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, after attacking Republicans for demanding the name of the whistleblower, or whistleblowers, Senator Schumer (D-NY) outed one of the so-called ‘whistleblowers’ during a statement on social media! Oops! 

In late November, the Gateway Pundit reported how Schumer has exposed one of the radical left’s so-called whistleblowers…AGAIN, despite Schumer and his band of radical Socialists attacking and threatening Republicans and President Trump to not reveal their names! They reported…

Crying Chuck inadvertently outed one of Adam Schiff’s fake whistleblowers in a tweet where he referred to “Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him“. What a dummy.

We asked: Would Cryin’ Chuck refer to Vindman “and whistleblowers like him” if Vindman wasn’t a whistleblower?

Rising Serpent was quick to correct Cryin’ Chuck and point out that Vindman should be referred to as “Lt. Colonel whistleblower” and should be addressed with respect!

They also noted how Vindman kept correcting Republicans, demanding that they address him by his military rank, even though he was violating military procedures by showing up in dress uniform, indicating a double standard…one for himself, and one for everyone else…

Vindman corrected Republican leader Devin Nunes and demanded he be referred to by his military rank during his testimony during the Schiff Show –

Then, on Monday, Senator Schumer (D-NY) did it again, as he released another tweet that outed Vindman as the ‘whistleblower’! Schumer wrote…

Sadly, Democrats have a two-tiered system, where they hold Republicans and the President to one very impossible standard, and themselves and their Party to an entirely different, and much more relaxed system, where anything is permissible!

Regardless, Schumer exposed the utter hypocrisy of their now radical party, as what is good for themselves, is condemned for others!