By: Brian Evans

Twitter faced an immense blowback following their suspension of her account, where they stripped her of all those who she was following, merely because she was defending her husband and showing her support for him, as she pleaded his innocence online!

The Gateway Pundit wrote

The Obama Deep State spied on General Flynn since 2015. He was a number one target of the Obama Deep State.
They wanted to ruin him.
They wanted to punish General Michaal Flynn because he turned against President Obama and spoke honestly about the president’s failed strategy that caused the rise of ISIS in Iraq.

So the Obama, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper deep state set him up.
Now General Flynn is bankrupt and fighting to stay out of prison based on a deep state lie.

Then, on Sunday, Mrs. Flynn defended her husband with a heart-wrenching statement and voiced her concern about the way that the government was treating her highly decorated husband who served for 33 years in the military, as she wrote…

As a result of her simple heart-wrenching tweet, Twitter took it upon themselves to penalize her and strip her of every single person she was following…11,500 in total!
Mrs. Flynn reacted by writing…

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell also wrote…

Reports indicate that Twitter faced a massive backlash, as Americans were outraged that they would penalize the General’s spouse for simply defending and supporting her husband. As a result, they re-instated her account! Now, the question is…FOR HOW LONG, AND WHO IS NEXT IN THEIR WAR ON FREE SPEECH, ESPECIALLY CONSERVATIVE, PRO-AMERICAN SPEECH?