By: Brian Evans

On Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press, Politico’s Anna Palmer told the panel that she had been told by top Democrat operatives on the HIll that this effort by the House Democrats isn’t over, and that following President Trump’s acquittal, the Democrats are planning to begin working towards impeachment AGAIN, adding that this isn’t the last time President Trump is impeached. She said…

“I’m up at the Capitol a lot, and I actually think this is not ending in the Senate. The House Democrats are going to want to hear from John Bolton, they are going to want to continue the investigation. I was talking to an operative just this week and they were saying this is not going to be the last time this President is impeached.”

Also, they noted how the House General Counsel Douglas Letter had argued in December, through a D.C. filing, that the House needs the grand jury material in Mueller’s report, stating that the evidence MAY BE relevant to be used as ammunition against the President in a Senate impeachment, because the evidence may be relevant and used against Trump in the Senate impeachment trial. He went on to say that regardless of the Senate impeachment trial’s outcome, the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee plans to continue its impeachment probe, only this time basing it on the Mueller report. Ironically, the Mueller report found that the President hadn’t committed any crimes!

Apparently, the only way to end the Democrat’s left-wing coup is to remove the radical left from Congress!