By: Brian Evans

As we already reported at ENR, the showing for President Trump on Monday’s Iowa Caucuses showed strength with a massive turnout, while the Democrats had a poor turnout overall.  Then, not only did the Democrats struggle to bring in Americans to support their radical left-wing agenda, but they were using illegal aliens to help organize during those caucuses!

In fact, the Democrats, especially Bernie Sanders has mobilized illegals and non-citizens to push for and campaign for his efforts! However, Bernie isn’t the only one, as Warren, Buttigieg, Biden, and other Democrats are working with those who are not Americans, to push for a change in America’s leadership!

Breitbart News reported

Non-citizens and illegal aliens shielded from deportation by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are helping to organize behind 2020 Democrat presidential candidates in the Iowa caucus.

A report by HuffPost highlighted non-citizens’ involvement in the 2020 Democrat caucus in Iowa, with DACA illegal aliens and foreign nationals living in the United States working on behalf of candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

None of the foreign nationals, except for a newly naturalized citizen mentioned in the piece, are eligible to actually caucus in the Iowa caucus.

Already, Bernie Sanders has a group of illegal aliens working on his campaign staff, and who helped to craft his pro-socialist immigration platform. In fact, they included within that platform…

  • taxpayer-funded free health care for illegal aliens
  • decriminalization of the southern border.
  • amnesty for the majority of the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S.

As we have already reported

Even Joe Biden has embraced illegal alien foreigners over American citizens! Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden angered the American people after he attacked America’s youth during an Iowa campaign stop when he claimed that children of illegal aliens, pointing towards DACA recipients, are “more American than most Americans.” In fact, Biden’s exact words were…

“In many cases, [DACA recipients] are more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school. They believe the basic principles that we all share. These kids would come. They’ve done well. I think they should be in fact put on a path to citizenship.”

Video Via ‘The Scoop’…

In other words, Biden not only makes the claim that illegal aliens are more American than America’s law-abiding-citizens, but he is claiming that illegal alien children are more American than Americans own children! To make things worse, Biden added that they are…

“more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school”

Today, Democrats have sided with illegals, and against Americans. In fact, Democrat Tom Carper (D-DE)  expressed disdain for American’s by saying: ‘dreamer’ illegal immigrants should be hired to replace millions of Americans who are too unskilled, uneducated, unethical or drugged up to work for companies. Just one example of how Democrats have chosen to celebrate illegal immigrants while condemning the American people.

Conversely, President Trump, Republicans, and their base have not shown any “disdain for immigrants,” despite the left trying to paint them as racist, and xenophobic (fear of illegals). Truthfully, there is no anti-immigrant fervor in America, but American’s expect immigrants to enter the country LEGALLY! In fact, there is widespread revulsion at illegal immigration and the government’s long-running refusal to do anything about it. This backlash is exactly the reason the American people elected Trump.

Therefore, pro-Marxist Bernie Sanders, or Socialist Joe Biden, like the rest of the Democrat Establishment Elitists, claims that illegal alien children are more educated, he is lying! Even though Biden and his band of 2020 misfits try to say that illegals are more American than the hard-working American taxpayers and voters, or their children, they are being dishonest and disingenuous!

President Trump once said that “Americans are dreamers too”, and it is high time that we started putting Americans first, as we join together and vote out the radical Socialist and Marxist policies and politicians on the left! Politicians like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, or others!

Featured Image Via: Comically Incorrect