By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats continue to create an atmosphere of hate and divisiveness, they have now pushed that divisiveness all the way into the United States military itself! In fact, that divisiveness is now ushering in disrespect towards the commander in chief himself!

For example, Rep. Andrew N. Kim (D-NJ) who serves New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, which stretches from the eastern suburbs of Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore, announced that he was going to be visiting Lakehurst military base near Trenton, New Jersey. Rep. Kim is one of the key players in funding for the base, and his support could make or break the base, according to top military brass! However, now that the Democrats have polarized the political climate to such a massive extreme, even the facilities’ top military brass is afraid to show their pride or support for their commander-in-chief, for fear that the Democrats will defund them!

The Gateway Pundit reported

All contractors and employees at the Lakehurst military facility located near Trenton, New Jersey have been ordered to REMOVE ALL PRO-TRUMP gear from their workstations.

They noted how one Marine veteran, Brad Osborn, confirmed that supervisors gave the order, as he expressed his frustration that during Obama’s Presidency, they were encouraged to express their support for the President, but now that support is discouraged!

He stated…

“Most of us are middle class people who support President Trump. It seems that we are not allowed to show our support during Democrat Congressman Andrew Kim’s visit. Free speech should protect against this type of thing. When you serve, the president is your boss and you respect him”

The visiting Congressman has already come under fire in the past, as it was discovered that he lied about his military service during his 2018 congressional bid when he unseated the incumbent Republican. One Navy Seal pointed to how Rep. Kim was portrayed as having put his “life on the line” during the war on terror, but as it turns out, that was a fabricated story! Now, Rep. Kim has the power to fund the base or defund it, which has led military officials to ban the soldiers from having or displaying anything that shows their commander-in-chief in a good light, or that they support him!

Already, Rep. Kim supported and voted to impeach President Trump, and he is considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the House of Representatives!

The Gateway Pundit added that…

This is the latest example of how things are so different under President Trump. When he receives tremendous support from our military during visits overseas or bases in the United States, he is greeted with extremely warm welcomes and requests to sign his iconic MAGA hats or other items.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets claim this is illegal, yet they championed the same things under Obama

Regardless of who is president, you should be able to express yourself and not be silenced or censored, just because he might have to see support for President Trump during a visit to one of our military bases.

Ultimately, all military bases should have the President’s photo proudly displayed, as he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces! The military soldiers should be allowed to display their support for their commander-in-chief and President of the United States! In the end, it shouldn’t matter if it offends some radical bigoted Democrat! After all, the President is our nation’s commander-in-chief, and all Americans, especially the military, should be proud to display his picture and support for their leader!



Joe Biggs, a journalist and combat veteran with two Purple Hearts, said that he has heard of this type of stuff happening before. Biggs currently hosts his own show on, which you can find here.

“I have heard of this type of behavior on military installations before but have not personally experienced it in my 10 years in. I did although notice it at a major border crossing in El Paso Texas where I was coming back from Juarez, Mexico and the border patrol security building at the bridge refused to post president Trump’s photos and still had Obama’s. The day a president is elected the pictures are switched out with new administration on all government posts.”

It might trigger some wimpy Democrat member of congress like Andrew Kim, but who cares? Trump is our president. He is our Commander-in-Chief. America stands with him and we should not be ashamed of it.