By: Brian Evans

Even as the Democrats continue to try to damage the American people’s opinion of the President, it now appears that their efforts have not only been in vain, but are backfiring, as even in the left-wing controlled states of New Jersey, the Trump Campaign has had around 200,000 or more tickets reserved for Tuesday night’s Trump rally!

The Gateway Pundit even noted how even last week, the New Jersey Rally was making records, as they noted

Last week Republican Jeff Van Drew told Maria Bartiromo that more tickets had been requested for the upcoming New Jersey rally than for any previous Trump rally!

The rally on January 28th is being held at the Wildwoods Convention Center which can hold a group as large as 10,000.

Today Lara Trump said the number of ticket requests for the rally is now at 175,000!

And… Due to the number of ticket requests President Trump will hold another rally in New Jersey in the future.

Then, 48 hours before the Tuesday night rally, hundreds were already lined up to see President Trump! Even more impressive, is on Monday night already more than a thousand Trump supporters had lined up to see the President, a whole 24 hours before it was set to start!

One word describes the impressive numbers…HISTORIC!

Jack Posobiec tweeted…

He also posted…

What does this show? It shows that not only is President Trump gaining in support, but it indicates that the 2020 election will be HISTORIC!!!