By: Brian Evans

Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council handed down a ruling that stated the United States cannot return “Climate Refugees” back to their nation of origin!

Now, you might be asking one of several questions, such as, what are climate refugees, why would the United States not be allowed to return illegal aliens, and what right does the United Nations have to overrule the sovereignty of America?

To understand, you have to understand that the United Nations has become a chief ‘Global Leadership Organization’ for the implementation of a one-world government that is tasked with the implementation of a Socialist economic system throughout the world, and a Communist-style of government, that rules over all nations! As a result, they are working to strip all nation’s rights to sovereignty, and all nationalities! Therefore, they would effectively redistribute all wealth from first world nations like the United States, and redistribute that wealth to the rest of the world! As a result, they would effectively impoverish all of mankind, except for the few political elites and their hierarchy of social elites, all while claiming they are doing it for the equality and betterment for all of mankind! Ironically, they do quite the opposite, as THE DESTROY ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, ALL WEALTH, ALL FREEDOMS, and ALL IN THE NAME OF COMPASSION!

This brings us to their use of compassionate terminology like “climate refugees”, where they claim that their invalid courts can order nations like the United States to relinquish right after right, demanding that they submit to the will of their global elite, and open their borders to all, regardless of legality! Today, since President Trump has been effective in securing and solidifying the border of our nation, the UN has cited America with failing to allow “climate refugees” into our nation! However, we are not the first nation to have the United Nations illegally try to demand control of a government.

The Central Tibetan Administration wrote

It is unlawful for governments to return people to countries where their lives might be threatened by the climate crisis, a landmark ruling by the United Nations human rights committee has found.

The judgment – which is the first of its kind – represents a legal “tipping point” and a moment that “opens the doorway” to future protection claims for people whose lives and wellbeing have been threatened due to global heating, experts say.

Tens of millions of people are expected to be displaced by global heating in the next decade.

The judgment relates to the case of Ioane Teitiota, a man from the Pacific nation of Kiribati, which is considered one of the countries most threatened by rising sea levels. He applied for protection in New Zealand in 2013, claiming his and his family’s lives were at risk.

The committee heard evidence of overcrowding on the island of South Tarawa, where Teitiota lived, saying that the population there had increased from 1,641 in 1947 to 50,000 in 2010 due to sea level rising leading to other islands becoming uninhabitable, which had led to violence and social tensions.

He also spoke of the lack of fresh water and difficulty growing crops due to salinity of the water table causing serious health issues for his family. He said that as Kiribati was predicted to be uninhabitable in 10 to 15 years, his life was endangered by remaining there.

Ironically, the claims that the United Nations makes about climate change forcing the carefully crafted terminology of so-called “climate refugees” is a false claim, in that the seawater does rise gradually over the decades, but very minimally, and it falls as well! In fact, although the world’s climates do change, they change by slight fluctuations over time, and it has no effect on, or cause refugees to flee their nations for places like the United States! In truth, it is the wealth and promise of a better and easier life in America, as they can get jobs, or live off the American taxpayer through welfare programs!

Therefore, the United Nations Human Rights Council is unlawfully ordering America to keep the illegal aliens from Central America, Mexico, and a few to other nations, rather than return them to their nation of origin, because they say that “Climate Refugees” cannot be returned back to their home country.

This means that ANYONE who shows up on our doorstep, can literally claim to be a climate refugee, and be allowed to stay! This means that Americans would be strapped with taking care of them financially, give up their jobs, and throw Americans into the third world…FOREVER!

Even the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media outlets like NBC News are working in concert with the United Nations and globalists around the world to try to sabotage America and Americans interests, in an effort to bring about this new Global Marxist State, using false reports and propaganda clips, like the following…

On Tuesday, President Trump spoke honestly and pointedly to the developed nations of the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. During the speech, he pointed out America’s booming economy, and called out the “Climate Change” hoax that has been pushed on not only the American people but people around the world! During his speech, he called out one of the biggest hoaxes that has been perpetrated by Socialists and Marxists whose ultimate goal is to upend Capitalism and freedom, while instituting Marxism and Socialism, leading to the enrichment of the global elite political classes, and all at the expense of the majority of the world’s population! He noted how they were trying to control “every aspect of our lives”, and mocked them as “perennial prophets of doom” and “heirs of fortune tellers” who falsely predict crisis after crisis that never occurs. The President stated…

“…But to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers. And I have them, you have them, and we all have them. And they want to see us do badly, but we don’t let that happen. They predicted an overpopulation crisis in the 1960s, mass starvation crisis in the ’70s and an end of oil in the 1990s. These alarmists always demand the same thing: Absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives. We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country or eradicate our liberty.”

President’s comments on climate change…

In fact, the President is right, because a mere thirty years ago, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were words that were non-existent across the globe. Today, they are heard in college classrooms, on mainstream media networks, national newspapers, and in everyday conversations. Most have come to believe that it’s as factual as the sun setting each day. However, that is not entirely the case! In fact, most scientists actually disagree with the science behind the claims. Recent NASA pictures have shown that the polar ice caps have increased in size, earth temperatures have both risen and fallen, and they agree that the science doesn’t prove the hype. So why do we hear so much about temperatures rising, severe storms resulting due to climate change, oceans rising, and polar caps shrinking? In reality, it is all about the almighty dollar and power. Progressives have come up with one of the biggest cons in history and it involves a Ponzi scheme of astronomic proportions.

To better understand how we got to this point in history, we have to look at the foundations of historical environmentalism called the ‘conservationist movement’. It involved mankind wanting to become good stewards of our environment and planet. Conservationists have always looked to take care of all of our natural resources like water, air, and land. Farmer’s were highly interested in conservationism due to their need to keep the land fertile with nutrients, water clean and pure so they could keep their plants and livestock hydrated and healthy, and the air clean and pure. Conservationists were interested in replacing trees that were cut down, keeping pollution to a minimum, and protecting the natural resources and keeping animals healthy. Over the past 50 years, as Progressives began to infiltrate the democrat party, global warming became a term that they utilized in talking about the preservation of our planet.  It was the beginning of a perversion of the conservationist movement with political undertones being the primary motivator of the left. Ultimately, over the past 15 years, as progressive/socialist democrats took control of multiple sectors of our country, they manufactured and pushed the science of the new “environmentalist” movement. Progressives infiltrated not just the democrat party, but colleges and universities, mainstream media networks, and political activist groups. Even the Republican establishment has become entrenched in the ‘climate Change’ ideology.

As the Progressives infiltrated more and more, they have taken complete control of the “climate change” narrative. They change the terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when the climate doesn’t sync with the name. They have also become filthy rich off of the poor and middle classes in the name of ‘climate change.’ This has enabled them to buy off scientists and gain tainted and distorted documentation in order to prove the so-called ‘climate change’ as the disaster that awaits mankind and the earth.

Today, their lies and distortions of reality are beginning to seep out to virtually every corner of the globe. Don’t get me wrong, climate change is a real thing. It has existed since the beginning of time. Our climate continually changes over the years, but not due to CO2 gasses. The planet temperatures have risen and fallen. The oceans have risen and fallen as well. Not only do weather patterns change, but climates do as well over time. Many ‘global warming’ alarmists’ stated that CO2 levels resulting from fossil fuel consumption have been causing a greenhouse effect resulting in rising temperatures. However, in recent years the earth has been cooling. As a result, they re-coined the name ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change.’ In reality, CO2 actually causes a greening of the earth due to the fact that plants thrive on CO2 gasses. Also, Oxygen levels increase as greening occurs since plants take in CO2 and expel O2. , Also, CO2 levels actually decrease in the atmosphere due to global greening increasing the number of plants and thus the amount of CO2 consumption. This makes the “global warming” or “climate change” theory contradictory to actual science. Therefore, why would the progressive/socialists be so determined to push “climate change”? Why have the European Union, United Nations, China, and other global leaders been behind the push for “climate change”? Truthfully, it all has to do with politics, elitism, and communism, power, and greed.

Progressive/Socialists and Communists actually have one goal in mind! All of them want just one thing! They thirst for a one-world government that implements a communist ideology. They see “climate change” as the key to influencing the world populations into agreement and submission. They see” climate change” as a way to redistribute the world population’s income from the middle class to the political elite. That way there would be two classes: the political elitists and the peasants.  That is where communism comes into focus. If the progressive/socialists can control our energy supply, food supply, and water supply; they would control mankind. We would become dependent on the government’s handouts. That is why they have pushed for stricter regulations on energy, water,  air, and even land. Just over the last eight years Barack Obama’s Presidency, he confiscated millions upon millions of acres and placed them under the control of the federal government. In some progressive states, farmers were forbidden to plow their fields, place livestock on the land, or water their crops. Democrats have discussed how they would like to implement the rationing of power to households depending on need. They have placed regulations that stifled the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. They placed regulations on cars that forced up the price of gasoline and car prices up. They implemented regulations on power companies that have nearly doubled electricity prices on consumers. All in the name of ‘climate change.’  In reality, they know that once they control our electricity and water, next will be our food, and ultimately it would be our financial independence. The Paris Climate Accord was a perfect example of the corrupt elitists taking control of the world’s population! It was designed to put a stranglehold on energy consumption and was set to be one of the largest redistributions of wealth from middle-class Americans to progressive governments throughout the world. All the while, giving our government, the United Nations, China, Iran, the European Union, and other countries control over America’s financial resources, and our independence. It would be a complete violation of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

In the end, we have a lot to be thankful for! President Trump has saved us from a major catastrophe. However, the war on our constitutional rights is far from over. Progressive/Socialists and Communists are still waging war on America and the rest of the free world. Currently, they see President Trump as a thorn in their side. Once he is out-of-the-way, they will push forward and continue down the path of world domination. Although it is our duty to be good stewards of our environment by protecting our air, water, and land from pollution; it is also our right and responsibility to fight for our constitutional freedoms and rights. We have the right to fight for our family, our children, and our country. We have an obligation to fight for the very constitutional freedoms that many Americans today take for granted.

Therefore, while the radical left-wing Marxists push for an overthrow of not only the American government, but free nations around the globe in the name of Science, they cite pro-Socialist climate scientists who put out altered data, unprovable predictions that repeatedly fail to be true, and use manufactured data to try to prove their shaky theories! But what do most Scientists say? In truth, most go against the so-called climate change theorists! Prager University details the facts behind the left’s fiction…

Regardless of the truth, the radical hate-driven leftists don’t even know what they believe in, or care if it is true or not! In fact, just last year, left-wing environmentalists marched in the streets around the world, claiming that the world is going to come to an end, unless human beings should stop having babies, should stop eating meat, should stop heating and cooling their homes, should stop using plastic bags, plastic straws, etc.! The activists encouraged young children to walk-out-of school, and told them that the world was coming to an end, if adults, including their parents, don’t stop their irresponsible behavior! However, their own hypocrisy, irresponsibility, and lack of respect for mother earth abounded! After all, the true motivations behind their radical left-wing movement ISN’T ABOUT THE CLIMATE OR ENVIRONMENT, but it is instead about SHIFTING POWER AND WEALTH FROM THE HANDS OF THE MANY, INTO THE HANDS OF THE ELITIST POLITICAL FEW!

One of the younger ‘climate’ protesters held up a sign that told people to “F**k” human beings, instead of the planet, as she called for seeing more organic waste bins around the city, and staged her protest by an overflowing waste bin! However, the irony abounded, as the overflowing waste bin and surrounding street was trashed by her fellow ‘climate warriors’, and she was so worried, that she left the trash everywhere when she was done protesting!

Apparently, she didn’t feel much different about the planet, in comparison with her hatred for human beings. However, she wasn’t alone in her hypocrisy, like the other so-called climate activists, spent much of the day, drinking from plastic straws, carrying things around in plastic bags, eating sandwiches with meat products, driving to the event in gas-guzzling vehicles, and so much more! Then, to top it all off, they used their love and compassion for the environment, to trash it up, and to leave it behind to pollute mother nature, or more likely, for the pro-conservationist conservatives to clean up the aftermath! After all, Conservationists are the true environmentalists, rather than parading around, making a scene, and intentionally lying to the world that it is coming to an end, if others don’t stop driving their vehicles, using their heat and air, having babies, eating meat, and living in a pro-Capitalist, pro-freedom loving society!

Or when climate protesters trashed the environment, when they protested the Dakota Access Pipeline, which cost more than $1 Million taxpayer dollars to clean up…

Or when Occupy London Climate protesters trashed Finsbury square…

In fact, in a bit of irony, video caught a man with a white MAGA hat, coming in after the left-wing #womensmarch, who are also part of the climate group, and he was cleaning up the massive loads of trash and litter, that the radical left-wing activists left behind.

The list could go on and on, as this happens at virtually every event that the radical left-wing socialists have! After all, it ISN’T ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT, but instead, it is ABOUT POWER AND GREED, and implementing their Socialist ideology in America and around the world, using a One-World Global Government! Even in 2017, the Washington Times reported that…

Heatstreet tells the scene: “As [People’s Climate March] protesters packed up and celebrity climate activists Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and Richard Branson boarded their carbon-spewing private planes to jet off to their next destinations, the Washington Mall was left littered with garbage, including paper signs, food containers and plastic bags.”

One local city resident described the scene to Heatstreet as pitiful, citing the “giant piles of signs and trash” left on park grasses.

Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on the environmentalists, though. Yes, its true, they may be contributing to the very causes they’re fighting — pollution. But perhaps the trash-based problem is deeper than a single protest, or a single segment of leftist society.

This, from the Daily Caller in March 2017: “Unlike the Tea Party, Leftist Political Rallies Leave Mounds of Trash.”

That would seem to suggest those on the left, whether environmentalist, or socialist, or feminist, or what have you, just can’t help themselves — they can’t help their trashy ways. It’s just part of the whole leftist movement; it’s part and parcel of their culture. An ingrained behavior.

Pity. Because that means the other half of America, the conservative thinkers, have to clean up the messes made by the left.

But come to think of it — that’s how it works in the political world, as well.

Sadly, the scores of left-wing radicals, whether they were activists whose goals involve enriching the elitist political class, or teachers and professors who feel empowered to encouraged truancy, or the students who they pressured and misled to skip school, it has led to a false sense of righteousness, through their support of an ideology and it’s dire consequences, which they can’t even come close to being able to fathom its true meaning or the consequences of its implementation! Regardless, they descended on cities around the globe, trashing the world, and all in the name of ‘saving the planet’!

Today, pro-America statesmen like President Trump, are left with the job of cleaning up.

Already at ENR, we have detailed the cost of those left-wing Socialist policies that are already being embraced and realized in the United States of America, as it consumes entire cities and states! Sadly, too many left-wing Democrat-controlled cities and States are leading their constituents into the ‘third-world’ realm of poverty, sickness, disease, and death, and at record speed! In addition, it is spreading trash, human waste, and disease throughout some of the once cleanest cities on the planet! Sadly, over the past few years, Democrats have embraced a notion of what they call ‘democratic socialism’, as they claim it is a new type of Socialism, that benefits the people! Bernie Sanders and so-called Democratic Socialists define it as…

“When The 99% Stand Up Against the 1%”

However, does it really represent the 99%? In truth, NO! In fact, the very idea of ‘Democratic Socialism’ is a fiction, an oxymoron, and a mythological idea! In fact, any kind of Socialism, as defined by proponents and opponents, as the absence of private property. Therefore, it leads to an end of individuals and corporations owning, improving, and exchanging resources, goods, and services. The elimination of private property is a central feature of socialism.

Meanwhile, no matter how you serve it up, how you dress it, or how you glorify Socialism, other nations have repeatedly tried the same Socialist slop that Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democrats are trying to shove down the throats of the American people, but they are now unable to maintain their now struggling countries, and many have failed altogether!

Now, throughout pockets of America, there are states and cities who have become completely controlled by so-called Democratic Socialists, as they pleaded with their voters to put them into office, and they would show ‘compassion’ towards the poor, the homeless, the criminals, and the drug afflicted! As a result, cities like Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Portland, and even entire states like California have become wholly or predominantly controlled by pro-socialist Democrats! Now, as a result of the voters giving them power, they have decimated businesses, corporations, and entire industries, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity! That has resulted in a restriction of the citizen’s available choices and decisions, and a loss of the individual’s political power over the government! Also, it has resulted in massive economic contractions, as businesses, corporations, and industries leave Democrat-controlled areas!

Now, in cities across the nation, what started out as an alleged ‘movement of compassion’, has become incompassionate! A movement that was said to be for the good of the 99%, has ravaged those very people, only to further enrich and empower the 1%, as the political elites gain power and wealth, while the 99% falls into desperation and dependence! A movement that is led by climate fearmongers is proving to be the ones who are actually the ones dirtying our waters, our land, and our air!

In fact, in a bit of irony, the so-called climate fanatics who claim that the world will end if something isn’t done, and done now, fly into climate summits, like the one in Davos in 2017, not on energy-efficient vehicles, or in public places, but instead on private jets, riding in gas-guzzling limos, and eating the finest cuisine, LIKE STEAKS, and all while lecturing the masses to drive electric cars, stop eating meat, quit having children, and stop using plastic!

Today, the false idea of Democratic Socialism has misled entire cities and states to abandon the needs of each individual, for the good of the Elites, whether it is the Political, Social, or Fiscal Elites! Meanwhile, like all good Marxists, they have embraced and pushed the ideological concept of Socialism on their constituents, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity, and to restrict the available choices and decisions of individuals, including political power of those individuals!

In addition, the radical-left wing ideologues have been screaming that the beachfront properties along the coast would be underwater in another 12 years, which they have been saying for over 25 years, but remarkably, even though they are so sure of the impending doom of our coastline, they are buying it up for millions upon millions!

TMZ reported that

The former Prez and First Lady have been renting the house this summer and loved it so much, we’ve learned they made an offer. The property is listed at $14,850,000. Our sources say they’re paying less, but we don’t know how much.

The estate — incredible. It’s 29 beachfront acres. The main residence is just shy of 6,900 square feet. It has 7 bedrooms, so Sasha and Malia have a place to crash, along with several of their friends.


The Climate Dispatch reported that

The former first couple had been eyeing the soon-to-be-underwater property on what will formally be known as Martha’s Vineyard for a few years. Well, they’ve finally pulled the trigger.

The Obama’s bought a 14-million-dollar beachfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

Also, climate change alarmist Al Gore, who made millions off of the climate fears he perpetrated, interestingly bought an almost $9 Million dollar property, which according to his own claims, today should be underwater!

The World Property Journal reported in 2010 after he claimed the oceans were going to swallow up the coastal areas that…

In a move that critics may cite as his own inconvenient truth, former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a house in secluded Montecito, Calif., to their real estate holdings.

The couple spent $8,875,000 on a gated ocean-view villa on 1 1/2 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, according to real estate sources familiar with the deal. The Italian-style house has high ceilings with beams in the public rooms, a family room, a wine cellar, terraces, six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms in more than 6,500 square feet of living space.

Amazingly, the very Hollywood Elites, Political Elites, and others who are attacking Middle American’s who are just living out their daily lives for their lifestyles are not only driving around in gas-guzzling vehicles, flying in private jets that each use more fuel than hundreds of households combined, and homes that are energy-guzzling castles, but they are buying up property, and placing those castles on land that they all claim will be underwater in a few short years!

Now, as a result of the radical left-wing Socialist/Marxist, or as they put it… ‘Democratic Socialist’ policies, too many American cities are faltering and failing, as they strip political, financial, and economic power from the people! Too many cities are falling into crime, as the people lose their homes, live on the streets, eat from trash cans, become addicted to drugs, and become desperate! As a result, too many American cities are becoming saturated with feces, drug needles, tents and shanty’s, as well as dilapidated! AND ALL THANKS TO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, WHETHER YOU CALL IT MARXISM, COMMUNISM, FASCISM, SOCIALISM, OR DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALISM because they are all the same! A concentration of power and wealth from the hands of the many, into the hands of a few! Meanwhile, we have those very same Elitist power-hungry bigots, lying about our future, miseducating our youth, and leading the world into the depths of depravity, as the Elites use fear and false prophecy, to bring about a new age, where they have it all, and the majority of the world’s populations have little to nothing!

Therefore, in the end, for the ‘climate marcher’ who held up the sign stating “f**k each other, not the planet”, perhaps if she was educated in truth rather than the radical left-wing lies, she would know that she was directing her hate and the wrong class or group of people, and would instead re-direct that hate towards those who she is marching for instead…THE POLITICAL ELITES, THE MARXIST ELITES, THE SOCIALIST ELITES, THE HOLLYWOOD ELITES, AND THE SOCIAL ELITES!