By: Brian Evans

Pope Francis has once again shown not only his hatred for freedom and liberty but his involvement in the global Marxist movement, as well as either his ignorance in regards to history or his belief that Americans and non-globalists around the world are ignorant themselves! In fact, this past month, Pope Francis falsely and ignorantly compared President Donald Trump to King Herod, who slaughtered baby boys during the time that Christ was alive on earth!


The Massacre of the Innocents was spoken about in the New Testament’s Gospel of Matthew, as it detailed how Herod, the king of Judea, ordered the execution of all male children that were two years old or younger in and around the city of Bethlehem.

Now, Pope Francis, after attacking the United States sovereignty and freedom and capitalism, while embracing the evil and genocidal ideology of Marxism and Socialism, he disgustingly spoke out against President Trump by comparing him to the baby slaughtering tyrant King Herod!

Breaking Israel News reported:

In a report published on Thursday, it was reported that while on a recent visit to Buddhists in Thailand, Pope Francis addressed the issue of refugees, comparing the policy of building walls and detention centers to the acts of King Herod who killed Jesus.

La Civilta Cattolica reported on Thursday that while in Thailand, Pope Francis met a group of 48 Jesuits from Southeast Asia.  Pope Francis is unique in several respects; he is the first pope from the southern hemisphere and, most significantly, he is the first Jesuit to be appointed to the position.  The pope discussed the issue of refugees and immigrants with his fellow Jesuits.

“For the Jesuits our work with refugees has become a real “theological place.” That’s how I see it, a theological place. Pedro Arrupe right here in Thailand in his last speech reaffirmed the importance of this mission. Arrupe was a prophet to me: his ‘swan song’ was the foundation, right here in Bangkok, of the Jesuit Refugee Service. Then, during the flight to Rome from Thailand, he suffered a stroke.”

“The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, but today it is better known because of social differences, hunger, political tensions and especially war. For these reasons, migratory movements are intensifying. What is the answer the world gives? The policy of waste. Refugees are waste material. The Mediterranean has been turned into a cemetery. The notorious cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart. Here in Asia, we all know the problem of the Rohingya. I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders. Populism is gaining strength.”

However, the Pope and his closest advisers have already shown their animosity and disgust for freedom-loving peoples and their admiration for Marxism and Socialism! In fact, on May 1, 2018, Michael Chapman with CNS News reported how the Adviser to Pope Francis praised Karl Marx! In fact, CNS News revealed how…

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German Bishop’s Conference and among the nine closest advisers to Pope Francis, applauded the teachings of Communist Karl Marx, whose 200th birthday occurs on May 5, claiming that the Communist Manifesto “impressed” him, helped to shape Catholic social doctrine, and was in no way responsible for the Communist atrocities and class-genocide committed by Marx’s followers over the last 100-plus years.

Despite the Catholic Church’s teaching against Communism, a utopian scheme that was Karl Marx’s sole objective in life,  Cardinal Reinhard Marx told the magazine Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszitung, as translated and reported in, that the Communist Manifesto “impressed” him and that “without Karl Marx there would be no Catholic social teaching.”

The German cardinal criticized capitalism, claiming there are “enormous social inequalities and ecological damage that capitalist dynamics are answerable to,” and adding that any improvements are “not an achievement of capitalism but the result of a struggle against these excesses.”  Communist China and the predominantly socialist India are two of the most polluted countries in the world, according to the World Health Organization; the United States and Western Europe are among the least polluted nations in the world.

Thanks to Karl Marx, said the Cardinal, the world knows that the “market is not as innocent as it appears in the textbook of economists, behind which are powerful interests.”

However, no matter what name you choose to embrace; socialism, fascism, Marxism, or Communism, it is a system that has been oppressive to the masses. It has been proclaimed by the Progressive Democrats as a fair type of government that brings equality and peace, but is that the true story? Does it explain the fact that the USSR slaughtered more than 20 million souls, China murdered 65 million, Vietnam more than 1 million, North Korea more than 2 million,Cambodia more than 2 million, 1 million in Eastern Europe, almost 2 million in Africa, 1 1/2 million in Afghanistan, and over 150.000 in Latin America. Does it explain that communist nations have to set up borders not to keep out illegals like President Trump proposes, but instead communist nations build walls to keep their own people in? Does it explain why communist nations silence the majority and empower the minority Elitist Political Class? For these reasons, we should be grateful for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. We should be grateful for our separation of powers, the electoral college (which gives power to the smaller states), two-party system (which prevents any one group from amassing too much power), the Constitution of the United States (which secures our physical rights, religious rights, rights to free speech, and so much more), and President Trump. After all, President Trump has become one of the most important and meaningful Presidents in American history. He has been, and continues to be, returning our country to its founding roots. Also, he is fighting against the communist movement that the Elitists swamp is fighting so hard to implement in America and throughout the world.

Regardless, Pope Francis as well has been promoting Marxism, as he blames mass migration and the poverty and desperation that is taking place in Socialist nations around the globe, as the responsibility of Capitalist nations!

Pope Francis with tyrant Raul Castro

Therefore, as Pope Francis reversed course with decades of anti-communist policies at the Vatican, he attacked the West, and its capitalist system for the woes of the world, despite Socialism and Marxism being responsible for the mass genocide of countless millions of human beings! Pope blamed capitalism and greed for the massive flood of migrants in the United States, and throughout the western world! He especially took pride in slamming the United States of America, and blaming her for all the millions of third world neighbors, for the massive influx of migrants from Socialist nations, rather than the free jobs, free food, free housing, and free medical care, in comparison to their Socialist nation, which everything is either rationed or unavailable!

Both the American Thinker and The Daily Caller reported that…

Francis laid the blame for poverty and war at the feet of capitalism, saying it provokes the situations that cause migrants to flee their home countries. He said nothing, however, concerning the destructive influence of socialism that has created social, political and economic crises in South American countries like Venezuela.

“This is the hourglass,” Francis said. “Capitalism conceived of as a savage, not a social market economy […] What doesn’t work is the world of finance. This also creates wars, for the possession of wealth, does it not, whether they are international or national? I argue that we are already in a third world war, in pieces.”

However, in 1937, Pope Pius XI wrote a letter “On Atheistic Communism.” Pope Pius XI said…

“See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless.”

In the end, Pope Pius XI is right, as it doesn’t matter if you want to call them! You may call them Progressive’s,  Marxists, Fabians, Socialists, or Communists, but they are all cut from the same cloth. They all fight for the same goals. They all are fighting to implement a Socialist State with “Atheistic Communism,” as Pope Pius XI said, and as the foundation for their global Marxist directive!

The problem with Christianity and Marxist or Communist philosophy combined, are that the two are diametrically opposed to one another. For example, under communism, Christianity is strictly forbidden. But instead, it is replaced with the worship of a secularistic and materialistic government. Karl Marx, the founder of communism, based on the radical Marxist ideology’s entire philosophy on dialectical materialism, and even Marx himself believed that the worldly system was driven by materialistic economic forces. In contrast, true Christianity opposes materialism and looks to the spiritual forces and God, which are free from worldly sin.

Even in Russia today (the former communist Soviet Union), the government campaigns against God, against religion, and against even the belief in God. It has been that way since the Russian Revolution of 1917 when a communist shroud blanketed the Eastern world with darkness. Also, under communism, there is no divine government or absolute moral order. That is one of the reasons that under both Fascist based Socialism, and Communist based Socialism, they both brought about some of the largest exterminations of human lives in China, Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Empire of Japan. After all, for Marxist Communism, Marxist Socialism, Fascist Socialism, and Progressivism… the end justifies the means.

Interestingly, on the flip side of Christianity and Judaism, the end justifying the means, goes against their Christian and Jewish faith, because that communist philosophy puts the law into the hands of human beings, and makes the law subjective. Most men and women are geniuses when it comes to being able to justify any behavior, whether good or bad. We can rationalize any action if the motivation for the goal is strong enough. That is exactly why the ends cannot justify the means, because it is a recipe for complete chaos and the ultimate in evil! Its logical outcome is that each person, or group of people, decides what is moral or immoral, based on that particular situation.

Christians believe in quite the opposite, where a set of morals and principles are agreed upon by everyone. It is called Gods laws, the 10 commandments, and in the United States, those commandments are intertwined within the Constitution of the United States, and all the laws contained within. Therefore, under the Christian faith, this is how healthy societies operate, which is by setting rules that everyone must follow, and then punishing the offenders. The greater the crime, the greater the punishment. In fact, that is one of the reasons our Founding Fathers based America on a Constitution, and laws therein on biblical scriptures. Laws to be followed, punishable by incarceration, community service, and even death, depending on the severity of the crime.

Previously, communist regimes grew to a point, but they could not sustain themselves. Christianity always took root, and always made it difficult for the Elitists to control the people. Therefore, today’s communists, socialists, and progressives have smartened up. In modern times, they have slowly perverted the churches, in such a way as to make Americans look at the Christian faith and its laws, as more of a set of guidelines, rather than laws. More like flexible rules, than laws with consequences, with the punishment based on the severity of the offense.

In what should be obvious to ‘We the People’, the now Marxist Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies have hidden and misconstrued the truth. In reality, The Communist Manifesto, which was published in 1847 by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, emphasizes how the Elite Political and Social classes have exploited the lower classes. They promoted communism in society as a classless society that eliminates racial prejudice. They portrayed communism as a way to transcend the superficiality of race, skin color, blood, gender, and so forth. However, under both Communist and Fascist based Socialism, it was the largest genocidal ideology or cult in the history of mankind. It sought out people based on skin color, and bloodline, and systematically exterminated tens of millions of human beings, especially Jews and Christians!

In contrast, Christians always work to protest against the unfair treatment of the poor, the sick, and those in need. However, in more recent years, many Christians have allowed greed to blur the meaning of life. They have allowed idols to distract them from God. They have allowed their busy lives to view the Sabbath as an option, rather than a requirement. They have allowed peer influence to corrupt their minds, and their worldly surroundings to corrupt their souls. Today, Christianity has become the minority in the world, as the worldly sins permeate our nation, our homes, and yes, even our places of worship.

Never-the-less, as the world, the US Government, and even the Pope himself, seem to be in a downward spiral into chaos, it seems only appropriate to question why they can embrace the Marxist ideology, which has a long and bloody history of hate, anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination, and vicious intolerance, brought down on all who not only dare oppose or question their beliefs, but those who refuse to subscribe to their radical ideology!

In addition to his flirtations and support of the genocidal ideology known as Marxism, Pope Francis has also announced to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in May of this year, that he is pushing for a “new global governance‘, which he says can battle in support of the Marxist ideological fear tactic called ‘Climate Change’, which is actually designed to push for the Marxist based global government, with the Elites in power, and with control over the masses! In fact, while he ignores verifiable evidence that ‘global warming’ is based on falsified evidence, he continues to push the Global Marxist ideological ideology as fact to the masses!

In fact, as reported by the Gateway Pundit back in 2017, Pope Francis attacked anyone who dared question climate change proponents, as he said…

“history will judge you.”

Now, as reported by Infowars Paul Joseph Watson, Pope Francis is calling for a complete transformation of American and other nations Independence, and the realignment of power under a One-World Global Government, which would transfer all power from the people of the world to the Marxist Elitists in America and across the globe.  Paul Watson reported:

Pope Francis recently called for global governance to fight climate change, asserting, “The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute.”

During an address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Pope condemned “growing nationalism that neglects the common good” and called for more globalism.

“The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute, as an island with respect to the surrounding context,” he said, adding, “The nation state is no longer able to procure the common good of its populations alone.”

Pope Francis said that a “special authority legally and concordantly constituted” was necessary to facilitate the implementation of new climate change policies.

He went on to demand that power be transferred from nation states to “intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”

“This universal common good, in turn, must acquire a more pronounced juridical value at international level,” concluded Francis.

Therefore, Pope Francis is now calling for transforming the world to a ‘global government’, and serving the “universal common good”, as prescribed under Karl Marx’s Communist ideology!

So why is the Pope embracing a global Marxist government? This past December, reported on “The Socialist And Communist Infiltration Of Christianity In America And Around The Globe“, which detailed the Marxist infiltration of Christianity. It detailed how since the inception of communism, Christianity has been a problem for the radical communist ideologues, as it makes it hard for them to reign in and control the Christian people. In fact, that has been one of the reasons that Christianity has been condemned and many times outlawed within communist nations.

The “Marxist Internet Archive” reveals in a June 1924 issue of ‘The Communist Review, how the Communist Party of Great Britain promotes and instructs their ideologues how to combat religion, and Christianity in particular. They go on to talk about how they should combat and attack Christians, and say that…

“it is not religion itself that our Party should fight against, but only the falsification of it in the interests of capitalist society.”

Therefore, for years they have promoted the perversion of Christianity, and tainted Christianity through the infiltration of Churches with Communist ideologues like Pope Francis, in an effort to bring about the very thing that the Pope is now calling for and embracing…A MARXIST BASED GLOBAL GOVERNMENT THAT ENABLES THE ELITES TO RULE OVER THE COMMON MEN AND WOMEN OF THE WORLD! Furthermore, with a one-world government, the people have nobody left to defend their liberties…ANYWHERE ON EARTH!

In fact, under communism, especially when looking back to the Soviet Empire and the Kremlin’s plan for churches, one can see a blueprint for what is happening in churches throughout the world today. For example, the Soviet Union utilized socialist ideals and fought to tear away at Christians beliefs so they could create the idea that spiritual pluralism was God’s way. Just as the communist Soviet Union employed religious pluralism at the beginning of their eroding of churches throughout their nation, today, socialists and communists utilize religious pluralism to erode the fabric of Christianity today, as pluralism isn’t simply the existence of plural or multiple religions, but the acceptance of them, and their beliefs as valid.

However, God’s word clashes with the idea of worldly pluralism! After all, Jesus said in John 15:19-20 that…

“If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…. If they persecuted Me they will persecute you… for they do not know the One who sent Me.”

Regardless, evangelical leaders like Richard Cizik, who represented the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) at the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative conference promoted anti-christian thought and passed it off as Christian, when he said…

“It’s not just tolerance, it’s to go beyond tolerance, to principle pluralism, which… means no religion has a privileged place. I would say one step even further, which is to say partnership…. The fundamentalists have a pessimistic view of the future and they have this perception, unlike evangelicals and liberal Christians, that there’s an unbridgeable divide between the believer and the unbeliever…. We don’t believe that.”

In the meantime, socialist-orthodox evangelicals look to the Soviet “church” model to transform churches today throughout the world, and America. For example, socialist-based religious leaders look to…

  1. Infiltrate church institutions.
  2. Adapt the Communist social campaign to America’s unique beliefs, wants, and values.
  3. Concentrate on seminaries where each new convert learns to influence thousands.
  4. Divert the heart and purposes of the Church from the spiritual to the material.
  5. Demonstrate tolerance toward beliefs and values that clash with God’s Words.

Interestingly, this didn’t happen overnight! In fact, the communist leader Manning Johnson said before the 1953 Committee on Un-American Activities in the House of Representatives that…

“The plan was to make the seminaries the neck of a funnel through which thousands of potential clergymen would issue forth, carrying with them, in varying degrees, an ideology and slant which would aid in neutralizing the anti-Communist character of the church and also to use the clergy to spearhead important Communist projects….This policy was successful beyond even Communist expectations. The combination of Communist clergymen, clergymen with a pro-Communist ideology, plus thousands of clergymen who were sold the principle of considering Communist causes as progressive… furnished the Soviet apparatus with a machine which was used as a religious cover for the overall Communist operation.”

Manning Johnson, Communist Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives

However, socialists and communists stop short of calling it socialism or communism, but instead replace the terms with words like “compassion” and “world service”. After all, the America of today and the rest of the world are witnessing a more dangerous form of ‘communism’, than under the former Soviet Union, as communists are using a more pleasing version or term called communitarianism!

Under communitarianism, our nation, as well as the world, have seen mass surveillance with ‘partnerships between the public sector (government), private sector (businesses, and civil society, which includes churches. The goal of communitarianism in America today is to serve the government, and ultimately the United Nations agenda for the ‘global welfare state’. Unfortunately, that global state expects EVERYONE to conform to their leadership standards, resulting in the global control of EVERYTHING by the UN global government. Under the UN Global Initiative, they have already determined the ‘mental health’ guidelines, which employ a pluralistic framework for religion and religious values, that are pre-determined under a socialist and communist framework. Therefore, CHRISTIANS WOULD NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO SERVE GOD, NOR WALK-IN GODS FOOTSTEPS!

Manning Rudolph Johnson, who was the Communist candidate for U.S. Representative from New York’s 22nd Congressional District in 1935 who testified to the Committee on Un-American Activities that…

“The Communists have an advantage in religious organizations due to the fact that their forces within religious groups are well-organized as a totalitarian group. This gives this destructive element a great tactical advantage over all others in the religious organizations who deal with religion as individuals, operating ethics on the basis of an individual conscience before God. Communist strategists counted the effectiveness of their forces not so much on numbers alone, but on the importance of individuals loyal to communism in key spots where a small group can influence large numbers. Thus, one professor of divinity, lecturing to future clergymen, who in turn will preach to thousands of churchgoers, is, in the long run, more dangerous than 20 Red preachers, singing the praises of communism from the pulpit. If an infiltrated body has 1 per cent Communist Party members and 9 per cent Communist Party sympathizers, with well-rehearsed plans of action, they can effectively control the remaining 90 per cent who act and think on an individual basis. In the large sections of the religious field, due to the ideological poison which has been filtered in by Communists and pro-Communists through seminaries, the backlog of sympathizers and mental prisoners of Socialistic ideology is greater than the 10 percent necessary for effective control.”

Manning Johnson, Communist Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives

Fortunately, God gave us the scriptures to both warn us and prepare us for these deceptions. In Colossians 2:6-9, it says…

“As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”

Still, even with God’s warnings, the prophecy continues to fulfill itself. In fact, after years of attempting eradication of Christians and Christianity from communist nations like the former Soviet Union, Cuba, China, the communist ideologues realized that eradication or even attempted re-education of Christians will only lead to failure, and many times strengthening of Christian believers faith in God. Therefore, communists around the world concocted a plan, that would weaken and dilute the Christian religion, and therefore create an opening for governments to quietly and cleverly pervert the religion, as well as its churches, and its believers. It began with the infiltration of not only ivy league colleges and universities but Christian education as well. Then, they used those socialist and communist ideologues who graduated from Christian schools, to take posts at countless churches around the world, including in America. Then, once they took powerful leadership positions within the Christian hierarchy, the closet communist and  atheists began to water down Christian beliefs, year after year, generation after generation, until the ten commandments and Christian principles were no longer viewed as laws to be followed, but rather flexible guidelines that are loosely followed, if they are followed at all.

Today, as a result of God’s laws being viewed as a flexible set of rules rather than laws, the divorce rate has skyrocketed, men and women have demoralized and defaced their own bodies and minds, and children are left without parents to teach their children guiding principles of morality, or they have no parents at all. Therefore, as a result, crime, drug abuse, murder, sexual assaults, rape, gambling, suicide, infidelity, pornography, and countless other issues of the human condition are at all-time highs. Also, children are left to their own devices in search of the family connection, so they resort to joining ruthless and violent gangs, or commit crimes, and find perverted forms of family unity in prison.

Therefore, why would communist nations try to pervert and destroy societal morality? Ultimately, it is about its aim to eradicate Christianity as a whole, create an atheist society, and create the societal worship of government, instead of God. Furthermore, communist nations would not be able to overthrow capitalism, or free nations like the United States, if the nations as a whole embraced the Christian doctrine of love and kind persuasion, instead of force and violence! In addition, Christian values are antagonistic, or incomplete opposition to communist philosophy. For example, Christianity’s ten commandments state…

  1. You shall have no other Gods but me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.
  3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
  4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
  5. Respect your father and mother.
  6. You must not commit murder.
  7. You must not commit adultery.
  8. You must not steal.
  9. You must not give false evidence against your neighbor.
  10. You must not be envious of your neighbor’s goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Therefore, the First Amendment goes against communist philosophy that demands its citizens look to government, not God for all the answers to life, which also violates the Second Amendment as communist governments expect their citizens to bow down and worship government, not God. Also, communism brings about mass murder, which is in violation of the Sixth Amendment, which states…THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER! Communism steals from one group of people, and gives it to another, with the government keeping the bulk. Therefore, it violates the Eighth Amendment, which clearly states that…THOU SHALL NOT STEAL! Communism also encourages by fear and force, for neighbors to rat out, and give false evidence against their neighbors. As a result, communism violates the Ninth Amendment. Even the Tenth Amendment is in complete contradiction of communist ideological thought. After all, socialism and communism encourages envy and appeals to human coveting of others wealth.

In the meantime, as they have worked to undermine Christian churches, they have perverted Christian philosophy and thought, and they have led Gods children away from the very ideals that they as Christians, claim to profess. Now, as a result of their perversion of churches, Christians look at adultery as a guideline, pornography as a small indiscretion, swearing Gods name as a minor infraction, and the Sabbath as an option.

Socialists and communists make the claim that one can be a Christian and a communist, but that is a flat-out lie! Russian Communist Leon Trotsky even said…

“Religiousness is irreconcilable with the Marxian standpoint. We are of opinion that Atheism, as an inseparable element of the materialist view of life, is a necessary condition for the theoretical education of the revolutionist.”

However, over time communists realized that in order to convert thriving and fruitful nations like the United States of America, it would require a new approach. In fact, it was the Soviet Union, as well as communists throughout the world that devised the scheme to penetrate not only the American government, colleges, and institutions, but Christian institutions as well. That way, they could corrupt the minds of Americans, make them believe that the system that brought about a thriving middle class, prosperity throughout the nation, and created one of the most powerful nations on earth is a failure, and wrong. Still, anti-American communists filtered through colleges and universities used those graduates to fill positions in major corporations, government offices, professorships in universities, and throughout the entire American political structure.

In fact, higher education has become so pro-communist, and anti-Christian that incidents have exploded throughout academia of ‘white-shaming’, promoting attacks on conservatives and Christians, hate speech towards pro-American students, and threats and violence towards Republicans, and especially pro-Trump Republicans.

Today, through our educational institutions, communists have also been able to make a complete transformation of the Democrat party from a pro-American party, towards liberalism, progressivism, and now socialism. In fact, Democrats are on the cusp of becoming a hard-line communist party, as they work to fight for socialist ideology in America, with open borders, and an end-goal of a One-World communist government.

Another area that has been crucial for the spread of socialism and communism is through Mainstream Media organizations like the New York Times. They have even written countless articles in favor of communist and socialist leaders in Cuba and Venezuela, and fight for anti-capitalist, anti-American goals while fighting for the communist collective. In fact, a small sample of the NY Times anti-American articles include…

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Communism, What Killed the Promise of Muslim Communism, Socialism’s Future May Be Its Past, How To Parent Like a Bolshevik, When NY City Was the Capital of American Communism, The Journalist and the Revolution, The Communist Party’s Party People, What Punk Rock Meant to Communist Yugoslavia, Why George Bernard Shaw Had a Crush on Stalin, The radical playwright imagined a utopia ruled by a great leader who embodied Russia’s soul, The ‘Bright Tomorrow’: Growing Up in the Brezhnev Era, The Cold War and America’s Delusion of Victory,  Lenin’s Eco-Warriors, The Little Red Book For Children, The Unexpected Afterlife of American Communism, and more.

Also, the New York Times wrote in a November 4th op-ed  titled “Are Christians Supposed To Be Communists,” where they cited a 1983 University of Maryland lecture, where they said that they heard a distinguished Greek Orthodox historian Aristeides Papadakis casually remarks that the earliest Christians were “communists.”

However, like much of the radically left-wing Mainstream Media, the Times has several problems with ‘false and misleading’ headlines, as well as citations. First of all, they utilize biased and pre-assumed ideals to search out progressive, pro-socialist, pro-communist ideologues, who will promote their position, REGARDLESS OF FACTS! Also, they live in their socialist bubble of circular reporting, where they cite other left-wing publishers, educators, and so-called historians.

Now today, one of the greatest threats that Christians face is from within their own houses of worship, as the radical socialist and communist ideology has sadly infiltrated and weakened Christians churches. As a result, thousands of God’s houses of worship have been tainted, and focus more on attracting new members through the pleasures of life, rather than on scripture itself. For example, churches compete to have the most alluring benefits, like a coffee bar, donuts, hot chocolate, loud bands, special effects, and other tantalizers, in an effort to make coming to church as pleasurable, comfortable, and convenient as possible. And, although there is nothing wrong with those offerings, the problem comes with the way that many of the churches try to keep the congregations coming back. Today, as churches are being infiltrated and run by ministers who have been radicalized by pro-communist doctrines, they began to make it known that although the church frowned on specific behaviors like adultery, homosexuality, and other sins, they were willing to overlook their congregation’s indiscretions, rather than trying to save them. After all, many churches began to view the primary goal of their existence as financial, rather than biblical. Today, too many church leaders have been embedding non-christian ideology within their sermons, and pass it off as Christian. In fact, they have even begun to chastise those within their congregations as un-Christian, if they refuse to adopt those non-christian ideals. Ideals like sex before marriage, fornication, homosexuality, divorce, blasphemy, and countless other sins.

As a result of some churches who have turned their back on ‘God himself’, instances of progressive-socialist radicalism has sprung up around the globe.

God warned Christians of the battle that we are facing today, as he instructed Christians to stand firm on his word, and resist the worldly influences and ways. Although spiritual battles have been waged since Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem, the battle still rages on today, and even more fiercely than ever before. Unfortunately, today we have socialist seminary professors, pragmatic religious leaders, and congregations who worship on the word of pastors who are more interested in socialist doctrine than the doctrine of God. As a result, so many Christians allow themselves to be fed cherry-picked bible verses that “fit a social message”. Meanwhile, words like “sin and redemption” have been contextualized, redefined, and ignored, as their leaders claim ‘all people are essentially good’, regardless of their deeds or actions.

Today, whether you call it the socialist and communist infiltration of churches, or Progressive Christianity, it is one of the most dangerous threats to Christians, as well as our Christian children today. It lowers the view of the Bible, emphasizes feelings over facts, perceives essential Christian doctrines as open to re-interpretation, redefines historical terms, and shifts the heart of the gospel message from sin and redemption to social justice. Also, being there’s talk of God, Jesus, the Bible, love, and compassion no matter what church you attend, it makes it easy for a child who has never thought deeply about theology to easily mistake progressive Christianity for biblical Christianity, thus leaving the child with an incomplete or false gospel of God.

Today, Progressive Christianity was designed by the socialists and communists, dating back decades, as they sought to infect, corrupt, and erode the church from within. As a result, they sought to destroy Christianity itself. Unfortunately, too many churches, seminaries, and Christians found themselves asleep and unprepared to make the case for what they believe in. As a result, too many Christians have forgotten that God’s truth that he has revealed to us, does not shift or evolve. It is only our experiences shift and evolve, but not God’s truth!

Therefore, while too many churches continue to slumber, the secular world moves on, as it becomes increasingly hostile towards Christianity, and Christians themselves. Also, with leaders like Pope Francis, who invoke the disproven theory of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’, are leading their flocks astray! Thirty years ago, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were words that were non-existent across the globe. Today, they are heard in college classrooms, on mainstream media networks, national newspapers, and in everyday conversations. Most have come to believe that it’s as factual as the sun setting each day. However, that is not entirely the case! In fact, most scientists actually disagree with the science behind the claims. Recent NASA pictures have shown that the polar ice caps have increased in size, earth temperatures have both risen and fallen, and they agree that the science doesn’t prove the hype. So why do we hear so much about temperatures rising, severe storms resulting due to climate change, oceans rising, and polar caps shrinking? In reality, it is all about the almighty dollar and power. Progressives have come up with one of the biggest cons in history and it involves a Ponzi scheme of astronomic proportions. Ultimately, over the past 15 years, as progressive/socialist democrats took control of multiple sectors of our country, they manufactured and pushed the science of the new “environmentalist” movement. Progressives infiltrated not just the democrat party, but colleges and universities, mainstream media networks, and political activist groups. Even the Republican establishment has become entrenched in the ‘Climate Change’ ideology.

As the Progressives infiltrated more and more, they have taken complete control of the “climate change” narrative. They change the terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ when the climate doesn’t sync with the name. They have also become filthy rich off of the poor and middle classes in the name of ‘climate change.’ This has enabled them to buy off scientists and gain tainted and distorted documentation in order to prove the so-called ‘climate change’ as the disaster that awaits mankind and the earth.

Today, their lies and distortions of reality are beginning to seep out to virtually every corner of the globe. Don’t get me wrong, climate change is a real thing. It has existed since the beginning of time. Our climate continually changes over the years, but not due to CO2 gasses. The planet temperatures have risen and fallen. The oceans have risen and fallen as well. Not only do weather patterns change, but climates do as well over time. Many ‘global warming’ alarmists’ stated that CO2 levels resulting from fossil fuel consumption have been causing a greenhouse effect resulting in rising temperatures. However, in recent years the earth has been cooling. As a result, they re-coined the name ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change.’ In reality, CO2 actually causes a greening of the earth due to the fact that plants thrive on CO2 gasses. Also, Oxygen levels increase as greening occurs since plants take in CO2 and expel O2. , Also, CO2 levels actually decrease in the atmosphere due to global greening increasing the number of plants and thus the amount of CO2 consumption. This makes the “global warming” or “climate change” theory contradictory to actual science. Therefore, why would the progressive/socialists be so determined to push “climate change”? Why have the European Union, United Nations, China, and other global leaders been behind the push for “climate change”? Truthfully, it all has to do with politics, elitism, and communism.

Progressive/Socialists and Communists actually have one goal in mind! All of them want just one thing! They thirst for a one-world government that implements a communist ideology. They see “climate change” as the key to influencing the world populations into agreement and submission. They see” climate change” as a way to redistribute the world population’s income from the middle class to the political elite. That way there would be two classes: the political elitists and the peasants.  That is where communism comes into focus. If the progressive/socialists can control our energy supply, food supply, and water supply; they would control mankind. We would become dependent on the government’s handouts. That is why they have pushed for stricter regulations on energy, water,  air, and even land. Just over the past eight years Barack Obama confiscated millions upon millions of acres and placed them under the control of the federal government. In some progressive states, farmers were forbidden to plow their fields, place livestock on the land, or water their crops. Democrats have discussed how they would like to implement the rationing of power to households depending on need. They have placed regulations that stifled the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. They placed regulations on cars that forced up the price of gasoline and car prices. They implemented regulations on power companies that have nearly doubled electricity prices on consumers. All in the name of ‘climate change.’  In reality, they know that once they control our electricity and water, next will be our food, and ultimately it would be our financial independence. The Paris Climate Accord was a perfect example of the corrupt elitists taking control of the world’s population! It was designed to put a stranglehold on energy consumption and was set to be one of the largest redistributions of wealth from middle-class Americans to progressive governments throughout the world. All the while, giving our government, the United Nations, China, Iran, the European Union, and other countries control over America’s financial resources, and our independence. It would be a complete violation of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

In the end, we have a lot to be thankful for! President Trump has saved us from a major catastrophe, but he is fighting against the radical left-wing Marxist Democrats, their Mainstream Media Propaganda machine, and the radical One World Global Marxists like Pope Francis. Sadly, the war on our constitutional rights, our right to be an independent nation, and our right to worship God is far from over, as the Pope and other Progressive/Socialists and Communists continue waging war on America and the rest of the free world. Regardless, they continue to push forward and continue down the path of world domination. Therefore, although it is our duty to be good stewards of our environment by protecting our air, water, and land from pollution; it is also our right and responsibility to fight for our constitutional freedoms and rights. We have the right to fight for our family, our children, and our country, which is certainly on the line, as the Marxists work to destroy independent nations! Therefore, we have an obligation to fight for the very constitutional freedoms that many Americans today take for granted, as well as, the right to worship God, regardless of who threatens those freedoms and rights!