By: Brian Evans

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries to strip President Trump’s ability to act as Commander in Chief, her words and actions today, defy her words and actions a mere 8 to 9 years ago! However, it has more to do with her ideological differences with the President, than right and wrong!

Ironically, Pelosi defended President Obama’s right to use the military force in launching an offensive in Libya, without the consent of Congress, in 2011…

But in 2020, Pelosi called for stripping President Trump’s Constitutional rights as Commander in Chief, not because he launched an offensive, or because he started a war, but simply because he made a strategic hit and took out one well-documented terrorist!

In the end, it isn’t about fighting for what is right or constitutional, but instead, Pelosi and her radically shifting now Socialist Democrats do what is good for their goal of shifting power away from their ideological enemies, and towards themselves and their political Elites!