By: Brian Evans

On New Year’s Eve, President Trump ordered a United States airstrike that killed Iranian General Qassim Soleimani, who was a top commander in Iran’s al-Quds terrorist force, as he arrived in the Baghdad airport. Soleimani was returning from Lebanon, when he was reportedly hit with up to four hell-fire missiles, killing the top commander, as well his deputy commander of Iran-backed militias Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis! Five other terrorist forces were killed in the airstrike as well!

Even more concerning, is the fact that reports have shown that Soleoimani was working to strike the United States, in New York City, according to Administration officials. In addition, Soleimani has been responsible for at least 600 US soldier deaths, and the death of a United States civilian who was working as a private contractor in Iraq in December. In fact, General David Petreaus announced that this is more important and vital than the death of ISIS leader al Baghdadi, or al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden!

Regardless, The Gateway Pundit reported how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not only calling the Presidents taking out of the terrorist leader disproportional, but unconstitutional, which is far from the truth! After all, the President as commander in chief, under the United States Constitution has the power to make strategic strikes, just like every former President! In addition, if taking out a terrorist leader after his killing more than 600 American lives is disproportionate, what does Pelosi consider proportionate! APPARENTLY, PELOSI WOULD BELIEVE WIPING AMERICA AND ISRAEL OFF THE MAP IS EQUIVALENT TO 50 TERRORISTS? GOD HELP US IF SHE EVER BECAME COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

Pelosi wrote…

They added that…

600 Americans are dead and thousands more wounded and without limbs and Pelosi calls Soleimani’s elimination a “disproportionate” response.

Representative Lee Zeldin responded to her idiotic and unAmerican statement by saying…

However, Pelosi didn’t stop there! In fact, she introduced and passed legislation to trigger ‘War Powers Resolution’, which she wants to block the President from retaliating against Iran if they kill Americans, American interests, or American soldiers. Sadly, the legislation does more to harm America’s national security and interests, as it binds the Presidents hands, and allows Iran to have unbridled violence against American interests like military bases, United States soldiers, our allies like Israel, and others, and the President would have no way to defend anyone, including our American troops, leaving them vulnerable, and in harms way!

In fact, House Democrats voted to block President Trump from being able to respond to Iranian threats, or any nations threats against our forces, without getting express permission from Congress, which would take precious days, rather than minutes, to respond to attacks on American forces, or American civilians at home or abroad!

As we mentioned before, the highly decorated four-star general David Petraeus, who served for 37 years in the United States Army, served as commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander, U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, led the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and the Multi-National Force in Iraq, oversaw all coalition forces, and served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,  stated this week that it is “impossible to overstate” the significance of President Trump’s order to strike Qassem Soleimani, and even stated Saleimani is the worlds number One terrorist, even “bigger” than Osama bin Laden!


Four-Star General David Petraeus stated on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ that…

“It’s impossible to overstate the significance of the attack that takes out Qassem Soleimani and the number two militia leader in Iraq as well, who also never dared to set foot in Iraq during the surge after we’ve missed him and he escaped. So this is bigger than bin Laden. It’s bigger than Baghdadi!”

He added that Soleimani’s role in the Iranian paramilitary forces was…

“equivalent in U.S. terms of the CIA director, CENTCOM commander, JSOC (the Joint Special Operations Command) commander, and presidential envoy for the region for Iran.”

Even more interesting, is the fact that General Petraeus added that the President should have gone further than killing Soleimani, as he stated…

“It’s not quite enough, I don’t think, to say, well, they know how to reach us. I think we should actually be trying to reach out through intermediaries first, of course, as we have in the past, and then trying to come to some kind of agreement about how to get back to the nuclear deal that was had its strengths, as well as some shortcomings, to be sure, and then address the other legitimate grievances and issues that we have about militia activity, support and the missile program.

He went on to state…

“We’d never gone after him before, although I hasten to add that he never dared set foot inside Iraq to my recollection when I was commanding the surge, nor in the time that I was the commander of U.S. Central Command. He only really became visible in the way that he has in more recent years after the Arab Spring, supporting the murderous Bashar al-Assad in Syria and then very actively supporting the Iranian-supported militia inside Iraq that were helping to contend with the Islamic State invasion of northern and western Iraq.”

General Petreaus then pointed to the Iraqis who were cheering and applauding his death, as he stated…

“The people are demonstrating on the streets and in unprecedented numbers since the revolution against the economic deprivation, the lack of employment opportunities and the plummeting of their quality of life. So, they’re not- by the way, they’re not that invested in the kinds of Iranian adventures that have been funded and carried out by the Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force under the leadership of Qassem Soleimani.”

Ultimately, Petreaus is right, in that, not only the people of Iran, but the population of Iraq, and all throughout the Middle East have suffered under his command, as their lives were in continual threat, as he spread hate, violence, death, and jihad as far as he could reach, which was consisted across the Middle East, into Africa, Europe, Asia, and plans were reportedly in the works for the United States, as reports indicated a plot against a New York City location!

Meanwhile, as the Democrats worked to bind the Presidents ability to act as Commander in Chief, even as evidence emerged that in their attack on American troops, Iran had shot down a Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew from Canada, the United Kingdom, and other nations around the globe!

At first, the Iranians denied shooting down the plane, despite the fact that United States officials announced that they were confident that the Ukranian plane was shot down by the Iranians!

However, even as United States intelligence agencies, and intelligence sources from a number of foreign allies corroborated that the Iranians were responsible, the American Mainstream Media and Democrats, including Democrat Presidential candidates blamed President Trump, and our American troops for the death of those on the passenger plane!

In fact, 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg continued to try to throw blame the President and our troops! He wrote…

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media outlets and other Democrats lambasted the President and American troops, and Fox News’ Jesse Watters pointed out their anti-American, America hating sentiment! In fact, he demonstrated how the radical left is now siding with the terrorist Iranian regime who has vowed to wipe America and Israel off the map! WHY? Because President Trump is in their way, and they loathe how the American people have the power that they so desperately want! In fact, at one point, Jesse Watters stated…

“What the hell was that? This guy’s job was to kill Americans, nuke up and wipe Israel off the map. Why does the American media sound like al-Jazeera?

Via Fox News’ Watters’ World

Meanwhile, as Democrats and Mainstream Media outlets eulogized Solomani’s death, and sided with Iran over America, the Iranian people celebrated his death in the streets! You wouldn’t know it if you only watched the Mainstream Media, but regardless of what the left wants people to believe, the Iranian population cheered his death, as he became renowned for his vile hate, his virulent torture, and his evil murder of Iranian dissidents, American troops, and anyone who dared to think differently than their regime allowed! In fact, the protests in the nation of Iran, following the death of Soleimani, had grown to such massive proportions, that M. Hanif Jazayeri took to Twitter and revealed how while the Iranian government chants “death to America”, the people of Iran chanted “Death to the oppressor. Be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader.”

Meanwhile, Iranian protesters cheered for President Trump, as they believe that they finally have a friend in America who will stand by them, unlike when President Obama turned his back on them and sided with the Iranian leadership, rather than the people!

Quickly, they found out that they had a new friend and ally in America, and his name is President Trump, as he tweeted his support for the protesters in both English and Farsi…

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 7.57.33 PM.png

His words didn’t fall on deaf ears, as reports of thousands of Iranian protesters not only welcomed his support but chanted…

“Soleimani is a murderer!”

Therefore, as Democrats and their fake news media continue to attack President Trump for taking one of the evilest terrorists off the board, the people of Iran are filling the streets to not only celebrate the death of Soleimani but calling for an end to the murderous Iranian regime!

The Gateway Pundit posted a picture of just a few of the brave children who died at the hands of the Iranian government and the Khamenei, for protesting the government’s horrendous treatment and murder of dissidents, including more than 1,500 of their own during the most recent protest.

Sadly, the press in not only Iran gave the dead children less sympathy than the murderous terrorist Soleimani, but so did America’s Mainstream Media!

Normally, the Iranian Fars News will not report on protests that shed a bad light on the government, but on Saturday, they reported that…

At the Amir Kabir University, a number of students, estimated to be between 700 and 1,000, walked out onto the street and moved to the north side of Hafez and Taleghani intersections. Initially, the Naja agents provided the opportunity for the students to rally and chant, but then with the entrance of the main street and the closure of this spot and the heavy traffic disrupted the students.

The students started with the slogan of mourning today and finally with the slogans against the country’s authorities the rally turned into a radical and radical protest atmosphere.

A crowd of protesters chanted destructive slogans that led to the incitement of a number of people to tear down the banner of Haj Qasim Suleimani.

After the Iranian activist Hanif Jazayeri showed that the protests had grown to monumental proportions, he pleaded that the Press Secretary make sure that President Trump and Vice President Pence are informed of the growing and massive protests brewing under the thumb of the Khamenei and his terroristic thugs!

Fortunately for the students and their fellow pro-freedom protesters, they do have a friend and ally in the White House for the first time in a very long time! Meanwhile, in a sad display of hate and unAmerican demonstrations, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media continue to play on the side of suppression, terrorism, and hatred, not because they embrace that which they preach, but because they will do anything and everything to eliminate President Trump, so they can have no obstacles between themselves and the power and wealth that they truly desire, which is vested in the American people, under the Constitution of the United States of America! 

God bless the President, and God bless the United States of America!